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Monday, February 29, 2016

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns


Prayers for Mary Beth Pomine , friends of Jim and Beth Staton visiting from Ponca OK, is having some health problems and needs prayer that her health may improve enough for them to return home for doctoring.


Alice Cockerill's daughter,  Michelle Boven, continues her battle with cancer and is having another MRI.  Prayers are needed that this will one show improvement.

Mary Gainer's granddaughter-in-law, Brooke Jones is going to be having a colonoscopy soon to see if she will be able to have the surgery she needs in her battle with Krohns Disease.

Jan Sheetz son, Bob, is nearing the end of Chemo treatments.  His journey has been rough and needs prayers for a good outcome.

Beth Staton's former student, Jason Keesy, still needs prayers for healing of his skin grafts and PTSD.

                            To contact Pastor Charles Belcher call: 210-464-3907

Friday, February 26, 2016


Tuesday, February 23rd, a few Leisure World cowgirls headed to Padre Island.  With their cowgirl hat and boots on they were to enjoy another great red hat outing.  Another year sponsored by the "Dazzling Dolphins" red hat group, we were invited to join the "Rhinestone Cowgirl" theme outing which was held at the Schlitterbahn Water Park.  
Joannie, Phyllis and George
Patiently waiting for the others to get organized and get in the picture....
Lydia, Alice, Betty, Mary, Connie, Sherry, Mary, Joannie, Phyllis, George, Sue and Ellen.
Those boots are made for walking, and that's just what we did, heading for Padre Island.
Our entertainment was great...
 Lydia and Sherry were put in the corner.  Hum.....
A few of us (besides Mary & Alice) noticed someone didn't know how to spell Leisure...
 The room was full of cowgirls.  A Mexican lunch was served, but we still had to stop on the way home for some ice cream.  A fun day...

Another Birthday

Celebrating birthdays is always fun,
No matter what age you become...
 This one is for Linda DeCock.  A few popped in to say happy birthday to Linda.  Some dessert, and a few games around the table was the plan.  

Always good to see Happy Smiles

Bob, Janice, Linda, Al, Stan, Ruth and Bob... 

Bob (again), Kay, Phyllis, Mary, Mary, CC, Frank (again) and back to Linda and Al... and Dick was up taking pictures again...  
And, believe it or not, we didn't resolve any of the world's problems...  But we did do some singing and playing cards.    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA...


Someone who sits at the round table, often selling 50/50 tickets for our events at the rec. hall, says "I NEVER WIN ANYTHING"....  Well, here is proof that he is wrong.  Jim Edwards with his "new wardrobe".  Congratulations Jim on your new winning.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Olympic Picture

Here is you Leisure World Olympic Team for 2016.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Shuffle News

Well, February is here and shuffling is going strong. We are getting better attendance on the courts for our friendly shuffle days and having a lot of fun with Hoss Collars. And some news that no one was expecting was that Wally Bentt actually won first place in the January 23 Turkey Shoot. This game has aways been his nemesis but not last month. Vivian Swears and Larry Konya also need special mention for scoring 60 point frames in this Turkey Shoot.

We started the shuffle parties on Tuesday evenings and have had a mixed response. The first night we had five lanes going and did have 5 or 6 new folks out. We had a good time listening to music, eating snacks and sucking beverages while playing the game. Come out and join us Tuesdays at 7pm for some great fun!

Lessons are still being held following the Jams at 2pm on Tuesdays. I encourage beginners, amateurs and experts to come out. We can all learn something new about this great game.

We have completed the ‘In-Park’ play-downs for the Mid Valley Olympics. Lorna Bentt and Lynne Dowling for the ladies and Larry Konya and Jack Fisher for the men will represent Leisure World at Pine to Palm on Friday, February 12th starting at 9am. Fans come out and support your teams. We have also had a few teams in the Golden Age Olympics at Casa del Sol in the Singles and Doubles matches. So far we still have two teams still in the Doubles event. The mixed matches will begin on February 15th.

As for Valley Tournaments we have only collected one trophy in January. That was a second place expert consolation for Wally Bentt and Ken McPhee in the Pine to Palm doubles tournament.

We had 9 shufflers attend the Gail Hoskin’s Awards dinner at Llano Grande on January 29th. Leisure World had three honorees from our park. They are Laverne Soetebier, Vivian Swearns and Jerry Keesee who made the “Amateur Top Ten” club in the valley in the 2014/15 season. And Laverne has also moved up to the Expert class.

Y’all come folks and have some fun out on the courts.

Wally Bentt               Jerry Keesee

Shuffle Chair           Shuffleboard Co-Chair

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns


Prayers for Kari Connett who will be serving in Africa doing missionary work setting up an orphanage.

Prayers for Marge Langer who has been hospitalized with medical problems.

Prayers for all military, past and present, for their service and for those with health issues as a result of their service.


Len Crandell has a new grandniece. Parents are Len's niece and husband who have awaited the adoption of a child for a long time.

Elizebeth Del Campo has returned form a mission trip to the Philippines


Prayers for Brooke Jones, Michelle Boven, Bob Sheets, Jason Keesy.

                          To contact Pastor Charles Belcher call  210-464-3907.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Birthday Phyllis Connett

Several friends of Phyllis Connett's traveled to LaFeria with Phyllis and
Dick Connett for spaghetti at the American Legion.  Returning to the park
the group gathered in the Activity Room to celebrate Phyllis' birthday by
having ice cream and cake, friendly conversation and finished off the
evening by playing cards.
Kaye Bullard laughs as she tells how she met Phyllis.  They met between Junior and Senior years in High School and have
remained friends and kept in touch all through the years.

Joannie Miller first met Phyllis right here in Leisure World at a Red Hat funtion

Linda Decock first met Phyllis here in Leisure World

The Birthday Table

Carolyn Cornelious, Kaye Bullard, Phyllis Connett, Mary Gainer and Ruth Elliot

Stan Gainer and Mary Bass also met Phyllis here in Leisure World

Phyllis and Dick Connett met on a Blind Date

Mary Bass and Bob Bullard.  Bob met Phyllis through his wife Kaye

Ruth Elliot met Phyllis here in Leisure World.  This is Wil and Sandy's first year in Leisure World and they just met Phyllis

Happy Birthday Phyllis.  We enjoyed sharing it with you.


Stan & Mary Gainer, Sandy Hassebroek, and Wil Hickey visited Riverside
enjoying the tenderloins, hamburgers and music by the Roger Kenaston
Mary Gainer, Wil Hickey & Sandy Hassebroek

Mary Gainer, Stan Gainer and Sandy Hassebroek

View of Mexico across the Rio Grande River from Riverside

What kind of Palm tree is this.  Is this seeds?

Chimney in Chimney Park which sits right on the bank of the River

Statue of Jesus at the Monastery near Riverside
Wil & Sandy
Thank you everyone who sent me birthday and Valentine wishes. I received so many. I wish I could be down there where it is warmer than here and no snow.  I will be moving to Friendship Haven here in Fort Dodge by May 15th. A very lovely retirement center. Won't be concerned about snow next winter!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Country Jam

Leisure World's Tuesday Jam was very entertaining and the meal served before was delicious.  It takes lots of volunteers to prepare and serve a good meal with choices of what to eat.
I had the Stroganof and it was the best I have ever eaten.  The music was good as usual.
Waiting to serve everyone.  Debbie, Phyllis, ????, Joyce and Clarence
Forgive the photographer for not knowing everyone's name.

Pat LaFoe, Leisure World's cashier

Don Batson and ?????? keep the trays clean for us

Wayne Hand makes his selection at the condiment table while Joy Grogan keeps it well stocked

Jim Edwards smiles as he waits to sell 50/50 tickets and Pat Jett gives a big smile as she waits to sign up Jammers

Waiting to serve delicious hamburgers

"George" and Jack have lunch waiting for the jam to start

Chris Perry visits with the Napiers while waiting for her husband, Dennis, to sing

//Ed & Karin Jones, former residents in Leisure World, frequently participate in our jam

Leisure World Illinois Breakfast

February 11th, Leisure World Illinois Breakfast was held at the Tex-Mex Restaurtant in Weslaco.  Thanks to Diane and Jerry Cantu for hosting the February breakfast.  Fourteen residents enjoyed visiting together on such a beautiful morning.
   Dick Connett on end taking pictures...
On left, Helen Mott, Lorraine Babcock, Phyllis Connett, Diane Cantu, Janice Lewis, Marj Snowden and (visitor - Mary Davis helper).  Right side - Marj Langer and Dick Babcock.
On left, Mary Davis, Larry Snowden, Marj Herbig and Jerry Cantu.

Dick and Dick
From left - Mary Davis, Larry Snowden, Marj Herbig and Jerry Cantu
AND THEN - In the other room was the Wisconsin breakfast.

 The place was packed, but everyone was served quite fast and the food was very good.  There was also a Rio Grande Valley breakfast taking place in the same room.

Leisure World Sisters Luncheon

Wednesday, February 10th marked the date for the 8th Leisure World Sisters gathering.  This year Phyllis Johnk and Bobbi Reising were the sisters in charge of the event.  They chose "Just Between Friends Tea House and Shoppe" located at 1409 N. Main in McAllen, Texas.  Our lunch consisted of Chicken Salad Sandwich, small bowl of soup, chips and dessert with coffee/tea.  Phyllis and Bobbi supplied us with an abundance of Hershey Kisses to munch on while we sat around the table and told "stories".  (Nudist Camp, Meals on Wheels surprise, Shapely picture and you name it).  But.... what was discussed with the sisters, will stay with the sisters)
 Our tea/coffee was all served in "china cups" all being different.  A flower was given to each sister, a gift from Phyllis Johnk and Bobbi Reising.

Ten sisters were in attendance this year.  In front seated is Betty Stoulil, back left to right - Phyllis Johnk, Bobbi Reising, Vicki Konya, Hazel Oachs, Phyllis Connett, Marian Smith, Verna Louze, Annesta Bennett and Nola Burchell. 
 Betty Stoulil (mother of the girls standing).  Vicki, Nola (who is new this year) and Annesta. 
 There were many many rooms in this mansion.  Some things on display just to look at while other items were for sale.  We enjoyed venturing around and looking at all. 
 The winding stairway was beautiful and all rooms were fully supplied to view.

 Thanks to Phyllis Johnk and Bobbi Reising for such a pleasant and fun day.