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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

2016 Leisure World Easter Dinner

Come in, place your food on your table, and set down and eat....   NO, NO, No, there is much to be done before you can enjoy a great Easter dinner.  First there is preparing and displaying sign-up sheets for residents to sign up for a table.  Next there is the menu for each table to plan.  (Thanks to management, each table was given two beautiful spiral hams to share at their table.)  Who is going to bake the hams, and designating the rest of the menu for each table....  How many tables, where are we going to put them, and then comes the morning of Easter and we need to set up tables and chairs before that table can be decorated.  

Just got a couple pictures of the decorated tables, but all tables were very unique and nicely decorated.

  Mary, Connie and LeRoy
  Our Mr M.C. (Bob Thompson) and Jeanette Thompson

This year we had a total of nine tables with anywhere from 16 to 21 at each table.  Approximately 154 plus who enjoyed dinner together.

Each table was given a "duty" to make the day go smoother.  Norma Brown was at the "Host" table, so she was faithfully watching the back door in case someone needed a hand carrying food items in or just there to open up the door.  Thanks Norma.


And just a few snap shots of residents taking a breather waiting for the crowd to come in.  We hope all had a very happy Easter and enjoyed the day.   
 Dick and Brent
 Gene and Sue
 Alice and Keith
 Terri and Jeff
Rita, Al and Scott
Once again, thanks to management for the delicious hams, and thanks to all who made this day such a great day, as it takes a "team" to make this possible.   

Monday, March 28, 2016

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

Prayer Requests:

Myron Shires, a park resident, who is having health problems.

Michelle Boven, daughter of Alice Cockerill, suffering with cancer.

Bob Watkins, a park resident, who was hospitalized Sunday. He is having tests.

Safe travel for Walt and Kathy Wernden's family as they visit  Leisure World and return home to Michigan.

Ongoing Prayer Needs:

Bob Sheetz, son of Jan Sheetz, as he awaits results of his cancer treatments.

Brooke Jones, granddaughter-in-law of Mary Gainer, as she awaits surgery.

Safe travel for everyone this spring and summer.

                        To Contact Pastor Charles Belcher call: 210-464-3907.

Information:  The summer Chapel blog will be posted by Beth Staton. You may contact her by email
at or call 620-229-4145.  You may still contact Mary Ferguson at or 507-360-5244 if you so chose.   Please continue to keep us informed of prayer needs and check the blog often to remain current with your friends here in our wonderful Leisure World Park.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns


Barbara O'Bedient and family, friends of Jim and Beth Staton, as Barbara battle with cancer comes to a close.

Dave and Carol Slater, Son is in hospital in Little Rock Ark. with serious medical problems.

Michelle Boven, daughter of Alice Cockerill, whose battle with cancer continues.

Bob Sheetz, son of Jan Sheetz, who is coming to the end of hhis cancer treatments and prays for a good report.


All of the above.

Brooke Jones, Mary Gainer's granddaughter-in-law, as she awaits  major surgery caused by her Krohns disease.

Safe Travel for all who are heading back home after this beautiful winter in Texas.

                             To Contact Pastor Charles Belcher call: 210-464-3907.

Monday, March 21, 2016

LW Thursday CoEd Golf Party

Thursday March 10th was the Leisure World Thursday CoEd Golf Party.  Due to excessive rain
Wednesday night, the group was unable to play golf but good times were shared in the clubhouse.

Last Country Jam Pics

Leisure World's last Country Jam of the season was held Tuesday March 8th.  This was a very
good season for the jam and we look forward to next season being equally as good or better.  Thank
You to everyone who helped with the work to make this a success.  Also Thank You to Pat and Louie Jett and the stage band and also the jammers. 
Pat Jett signs in the jammers and does the announcing as well as singing.

Our lead guitar player, Louie Jett, gives his seasonal farewell speech.  Louie manages the stage
band and sings.

Thank You to the ladies for the wonderful meal served in the kitchen prior to the jam.

Jim Edwards sells 50/50 tickets as every jam.

Shirley and Scotty Marriner handle the sound system for Leisure World

Bonnie attends many jams in the Valley and keeps a notebook logging every jammers name,
the song they sing and the key they sing it in.  Bonnie lives in Leisure World but does this at every
jam she attends.

Yvonne Grimmius and Marlys Beeler enjoy the music at the jams.  Yvonne is John Beeler's no. 1 fan
and Marlys is John's wife.
The last Gospel Jam for this season was held Sunday, March 6, 2016 with host, Stan Gainer.
Thank You to everyone who attended the jams and we hope you enjoyed the music and look
forward to seeing you next season.
Red Merryman sets up his drums after he and his wife Ann carried them in.
Many of the wives help carry instruments into the Rec Hall to be set up for the jams.

Rodney Crause sets up his amplifier for the bass guitar.

The audience enjoys the music

Carolyn Cornelious and Yvonne Grimmius ready to serve refreshments at break time.

John Beeler sings at the Gospel Jam

Hole In One!

Via email from Terry Caywood:
Lyle Erickson scored a hole Monday, March 21 at Executive Golf Course. He used a 7 iron on 127 yard hole # 7. It was witnessed by John Soetebier and Paul Bigler. CONGRATULATIONS!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Appreciation Day at Leisure World

On March 16th, approximately 306 Leisure World residents joined together at the Rec. Hall and the card room for Appreciation Day.  Winter board members and their spouses plus many others worked in the kitchen preparing and clean up afterward.  This was a great day to show appreciation of all the "work" throughout the season done by so many residents.  President Linda Shires furnished and served different kinds of liquor.  Coffee, tea and pop was served.  Dick Connett kept busy making tea and coffee and taking pictures throughout the day.  As the residents passed through the "food" line, they were served, Brisket, Sausage, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, and  Bread. 
Trying out the
"drinks" to make
sure they are just
Pat LaFoe preparing the "pop" to give to the customers.
 Sue Heiderscheidt preparing coleslaw...
Linda Wright, Brent and Rita Langman...
Phyllis Connett preparing the "dessert" goodies...

Don and JoAnne Kurtenbach ready to hand out tickets for the meal...
First half entertainment was provided by Pat and Lewis Jett friends. 
Second half of entertainment was provided by Jim Staton.


Pat LaFoe and Earl Dixon was presented with a plaque for all their hard work around the park.