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Monday, April 25, 2016

Leisure World Chapel: Prayers and Concerns

Prayer Request:

Brooke Jones, grand-daughter in law of Mary Gainer, has had the surgery needed to reconnect her bowel and colon.  The surgery went well, but needs prayer that she will heal well and be able to undergo more surgery in approximately 3 months to remove the bags. Brooke has undergone a lot of medical issues because of Krohns disease.  Mary and her family appreciate the prayers and will update us with Brooke's progress.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Advice for today

Saw something on a video reposted by my grandson Cory on Facebook this morning that made me say "Oh, yes, how true". I just had to share this thought for today.
People will forget what you said -
People will forget what you did -
But people will NEVER forget
How you made them feel!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

More Celebrated Birthdays

Celebrating birthdays for Mary Gainer AND George and Jack Napier.  About 18 Leisure World residents met at Luby's for a wonderful meal together.  Mary, George and Jack each received a "birthday cupcake" for their special treat.
Once back at the rec. hall, more Leisure World residents joined in for cake and ice cream to make the evening complete.
And behind the scene, these "senior citizens" enjoyed playing with their birthday bubbles...

Personal from Dave

(It has always been my way to express my emotions, bare my soul by writing. At a time of emotional crisis in my life, I turn again to the written word. I hope you will understand, this was written for my benefit, to organize my emotions. Thanks for bearing with me.)

April 8, 2016, was a day of numbness for Carol and myself. Our eldest son, Neal, died in the early morning hours at Saline Memorial Hospice in Arkansas. His passing was not unexpected, congestive heart failure and a malignant tumor in the intestine had led to the validation of a prediction Neal had made several times as a teenager that he would die young. 51 years is much too young to leave this earth. His doctor's last diagnosis in the hospice gave him up to 6 months...he died 3 days later. We can mitigate our sorrow in realizing he did not have to suffer for another half year. We mourn.

We have also had strong validation for our decision to retire to the Rio Grande Valley and Leisure World. The overwhelming flood of sympathy, empathy, and love that has flowed to us in these past few days from our friends, neighbors, and acquaintences is humbling. We chose to retire here based in a large part on our perception of familial love and closeness, social politeness and courtesy, and strong moral values we saw in the area. Carol grew up always being the “new kid” on the block, I came from small town and farm life in Iowa...both depression babies, our pre-teen years influenced by the second War to End all Wars. Now in our eighth decade we had never envisioned losing a child before our final days. I am sure the rawness of the pain will ease, but the tears still come easily when least expected. Thank you for letting me share. Dave

Thursday, April 14, 2016

McAllen Bike Ride

Tuesday April 12th the Gainer's wanted to go for a bike ride
closer to home and looking for a place other than a State Park
where it is a $5.00 fee to enter, Mary called Jack and George
Napier who are bike riders. 

George found a trail in McAllen and joined the Gainers.

The trail starts at Business 83 and Col Rowe Blvd.  It is a
beautifully landscaped trail and the group rode to Trenton
Ave in Edinburg.  The trail went on but at this point we
decided that we would do good to make the return trip.

If anyone wants to ride a nice trail we would recommend
that you give this one a try.
Jack Napier heads to Stan to discuss the ride.
"George" Napier putting on her back pack which carries her GPS that helps her
with geocaching.  She found one treasure.
Stan Gainer looks over his bike before the ride.  Mary's is still on the bike rack on the car but he did
get it down so Mary could join them on the ride.
Stan and Mary Gainer took a 6 mile bike ride in Bentsen St
Park on Monday April 11th to see the Hawks.  We were
there in Feb only to learn that the Hawks migrate through
the Valley from mid September to mid October and again
mid March to mid April.  Apparently we were too late as
we did not see one Hawk and in Feb we did see one.

While on the Hawk lookout I did look below and watched a
Rattlesnake crawl (slither) from under a log where he was
hiding.  I was so glad that I was way above him. 

The day was beautiful for a bicycle ride.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Sad Goodbye

Yesterday we watched as Knobby and Betty Meysenburg's former home (most recently owned by Pat and MaryEllen Shea) depart from Leisure World. Betty wrote on our Facebook page "This mobile brought both of us many happy times."

Monday, April 11, 2016

Our Adventure Back to Minnesota

 Thursday, April 7 was day 1 of our trip. We didn't leave Weslaco until about 1:30. We meandered up to Boerne, TX where there is plenty to see and do. We camped at Cascade Caverns.
Day 2 was full of adventure. We started at Cave Without a Name. A gorgeous cave that we are hoping to return to next winter when they have concerts in the cave! It might also be time for me to try spelunking. There is just something magical about caves!
 Another cave in the general area is Caverns of Sonora. This could possibly be the most beautiful cave you will ever see! Well worth the price of admission.
 Day 3 we were off to Palo Duro State Park, the Grand Canyon of Texas! It is 1/4 the size of the Grand Canyon but it was awesome! On the way we stopped for a photo op in Happy, TX because we thought that just sort of says it all!
 That's Scott down there waving at me. I'm in the big cavern because I can be. A rattlesnake shortened Scott's trip and held him captive until I got back. We will definitely return to spend a lot more time in Palo Duro State Park.

 Day 4 we are onto to Albuquerque. We took the Sandia Mountain Tram ride to the very top. It was only 48 degrees up there. Why exactly did we leave South Texas in early April???
Before calling it a day, we stopped at Petroglyphs National Monument. We hiked to the top and saw a fair amount of petroglyphs but nearly got blown away by the strong winds! There is so much to see and do. More cool stuff to come. We really miss the warm weather!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Joys and Concerns

Prayers for Bob Watkins who is out of the hospital now but continued prayers would be appreciated.

Bill Hudson has been hospitalized and would appreciate prayers for a speedy recovery.

Mary Davis has been in the hospital and although we don't have specific information on her condition,  prayers for her recovery and return home.

Allen Keesee, the son of Jerry and Cindy Keesee is battling a rare form of cancer and he and the family would appreciate prayers.  Allen and his wife are expecting their second child in a few weeks and have a two year old son.

Sondra Hawk is in need of prayers.  She is battling pinched nerve issues which have been a problem for several years.  A new procedure was attempted during the last week and prayers are requested for success.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Never A Boring Day at Leisure World

Just use your imagination, and there is always something to do at Leisure World.  For instance, we can always play card games in the card room and to add a little spice, you can always celebrate a birthday.  This group decided it wasn't fair (as some have told us) that we just celebrate those birthdays that are happening while at Leisure World for the season...  Not so, as this night we did celebrate a few that have birthdays during the summer while we are not here.  And one's we missed, we'll get next week, or next fall when we come back....  Happy Birthday to all no matter what day your "day" might land on.  This evening the birthdays were for:
Ruth Elliott, Joannie and Art Miller, Dick Connett and Stan Gainer. 
Joannie and Art Miller
Ruth Elliott
Stan Gainer (We didn't get a separate picture of Dick)
Mary and Phyllis have been talking of doing this for about two years now, so we finally got "some" of the birthdays taken care of.  We had celebrated Mary Baas birthday earlier, but she always comes to enjoy the night with us and always has her smile and great sense of humor.   (Even if she has to miss dancing with the stars or some poker playing night).  This time it was vanilla and butter pecan ice cream with spice cake.   (And we always "share" with the other groups that are playing cards in the card room that evening)
We'll think of any excuse to eat cake and ice cream.....