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Sunday, July 31, 2016


We've added a new "Services" section to the Community Classified. Initial entry may well capture your interest.  Take a look!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Happy Hour Happy Birthday Happy Days

This afternoon's regular Friday happy hour was dressed up as a surprise birthday party for Roxie Foxhoven!  We had a lot of toys, cake and ice cream, and Fran made sure everyone was involved and had a good time. I saw a lot of pictures being taken, but only a couple of somewhat racy ones made their way to my in box so I could share them with you.
First we find that youngster Mary Casey clowning around with her fake moustache

And then she had to show Lloyd what it felt like  when it had been too long since razor met face!  These kids....haven't been able to get them to behave since they hit 90!

Good party....wish you were here!

photos courtesy of Jo Kurtenbach

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A visit to Waukee, Iowa

Another trip to Iowa for Dick and Phyllis to attend a Bridle Shower for granddaughter Danielle.  Held in Waukee, Iowa, hosted by her Aunt Carrie Christensen.
The Bride, Danielle received two very special aprons.  
The red one made by Grandma Phyllis.  The one below was made by Great Aunt Barb Rayman using material which belonged to Dick's grandmother (Danielle's great-great grandmother). 
The picnic basket was given to Danielle which once belonged to her great-great Aunt Lois.  Danielle was blessed with numerous gifts from all and felt ALL GIFTS WERE SPECIAL.
 The Leisure World Sisters, Trudy Hauserman, Carolyn Richeson, Barb McGrean and Phyllis Connett met in Waukee, Iowa for the bridal shower. 
Mom (Lynsley Hipsky) with daughter Danielle modeling the veil that Lynsley wore in her wedding.
Dick with sisters Alice Corderman and Barb Rayman
First cousins - Carrie, Nicole, Pam and Lynsley (some didn't get in on this picture)
 What a wonderful day - The group - coming to Iowa from Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Next will be the exciting day of the wedding on 08-18-16 on a beach in Michigan...  

Monday, July 25, 2016

Joys and Concerns

Jim and I just returned from a visit with Linda and Pastor Charles Belcher.  Linda, with a lot of help from God, prayers and medical staff is finally doing much better.  She was moved to a wonderful Rehabilitation Center and is working VERY HARD to regain the use of her muscles and learn to walk and care for herself again.  She looks so good and we enjoyed our visit with the two of them.
Please keep both of them in your prayers as she has a long way to go and Pastor Charles will have a full time job helping her reach her goals.  She has a super, I Can Do It, attitude which will help her make it back on her feet and active again.
(Click on calendar to enlarge)

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Quilt class starts today.  I may come home with a piece done but then again I may not.  The teacher is from Australia and it is a joy just to listen to her.  This may turn out to be my talent for the show.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Cook Out

Saturday evening and time for another Leisure World Cookout!
Summer President Beth Staton was the Head Honcho for today's cookout.

Jim did double duty in the kitchen and on fire detail.

We got there at 5 and the crowd was already starting to gather.

Time to visit and relax is appreciated.

Shirley and guest Pauline had lots of prep work to do...salads etc.

We started out in clusters, but pretty well filled the tables by cooking time.

Once the word was out that the fires were ready, the cooks got to work.

Lloyd Walker said "Don't even think about it!

The starring attraction at every cookout was in attendance! And it was a good time to gather for friendly conversation and good food!
Loved eating an authentic Maine lobster roll in Kerrville today.  We need that food truck down here ow and then.

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Annex

Progress on the Activities Annex is difficult to see, as little had been happening on the outside since the siding, roofing, etc. was finished. Today Daniel and Freddy were struggling with the dry hard ground preparing for more sidewalk installation.

The sidewalk from the shuffleboard courts is in place.

Not much of interest along the back (South) side.

 It is starting to look as if it belonged.

And, to help us be alert the caution stripes have been refreshed on our speed bumps.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Daily Thoughts

Just a note to advise that after trying to share some of the inspirational and thoughtful quotes I like as posting, favorable comments led to my adding this feature. They will now appear daily just ahead of the posts ALL OF YOU are invited to share. They will not be dated nor will they be retained, but will be replaced each day (Unless I forget or am otherwise distracted). Comments welcome.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Thought for Today

No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world. 
Robin Williams

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Thought for Today

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Thought for Today

Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
                                                Francis of Assisi

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thought for Today

"There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met."
                                                      William Butler Yeats

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Thought for Today

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
Albert Camus

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Monday, July 11, 2016

Trouble no man about his religion--respect him in his views and demand that he respect yours. - Shawnee

Busy Times But Fun Times

Another beautiful weekend at Tom's Campground in Dodgeville, Wisconsin where we spent a few days with our RV group.  A beautiful evening after the sun sit. 
The first night together is always "Hot Dogs" plus.  This evening we got the men to do the cooking of the hot dogs.
The below picture is the "plus" with the hot dogs.  Always a big feast.
After meal, relaxing around the campfire.
We had the opportunity to visit a dairy farm in Darlington, Wisconsin.  Owned by a brother of one of our RV members.  Some of the group chose not to go to the farm. 
They milk 240 cows three times a day.  3:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM.  Quite an operation.
This is Rich, cleaning his shoes off after the farm tour....I told him to be careful where he stepped, but he didn't pay attention.
 The group saves their plastic bags and when we get together, we cut in strips and then a member who use to reside at Leisure World (Gwen Brown) does her magic of crocheting these strips into beautiful plastic rugs.  Each rug is about 3' x 6'.  These will be given to the Rockford Mission for the homeless to sleep on. 

 Back home, but not just sitting around.  On Tuesday, Dick will be going back to DeKalb to have his right eye cataract surgery.  Do we ever just sit around - NO.    Hope all is doing well.  Will check in again later on. 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Thought for Today

If A equals success, then the formula is A equals X plus Y and Z, with X being work, Y play, and Z keeping your mouth shut. -Einstein

Canada Day in Manitoba, July 1, 2016

Via email from Lorna and Jim Whyte

Several present and former residents of Leisure World met to celebrate Canada Day.  We all arrived on June 29th at a beautiful small Campground in La Riviere MB.  The Ladies kept busy with several long walks along an old railbed that had 13 bridges to cross high above the River.  We did not make all the crossings but got lots of exercise .  It was beautiful scenery with an abundance of wild flowers and berries .  Another afternoon was spent shopping and taking in a Farmers Market in Morden, MB.  The men did several tours around the area that is well known  for skiing and camping.  Time was spent reminiscing, happy hours, potluck etc.  we all said our goodbyes on July 3rd and  hope we can meet the same time next year.

Ken and Christine Henderson former residents of Leisure World
George and Lorette Henderson former residents of Leisure World

Bill and Ruby Busby residents of Leisure World
Lorna and Jim Whyte residents of Leisure World

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bonus Thought for Today

In light of the current presidential political campaigns, this quote comes often to mind.  It is all to apt to our current spat of political chaff.
Adolf Hitler

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.

--Adolph Hitler--

Thought for Today

There is one word which may serve as a rule for all one's life — reciprocity.

Friday, July 8, 2016

More sad news

I received an email from Sue Heiderscheidt this evening, advising...
"Bev McKibben sent word that her sister, Cheryl, passed away this afternoon.  She had many health problems. 
Leisure world residents may know her from 
shuffleboard and seeing her with Bev in the park."

Thought for Today

Compassion is language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
~Mark Twain~

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Leisure World Joys and Concerns

This week has been a difficult one for many of our residents, summer and winter:

Alice Cockerill's daughter passed away this week from her long battle with cancer.

Gordy and Ardy Thompson lost a son.

Dan and Fran Foxhoven lost Fran's brother who had come to Texas to help celebrate
her birthday.

Jeff and Terry Caywood lost a son-in-law.

Linda Belcher, Pastor Charles wife, is still hospitalized with a bad infection and fluid on her brain which is causing a great deal of pain.  She had surgery to remove a cyst, went home from the hospital and within a couple of days was readmitted.  She will be there till sometime next week.

Please keep all of these folks in your prayers as they deal with their loss and learn to adjust to a life
without their family members.  Also pray for healing and recovery for Linda and strength for she, Charles and the other families to make it through this tough time.

Thought for Today

Love your enemies - it will confuse them greatly.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Holiday Dining

Since departing Leisure World on May 24th we have enjoyed two major holidays with family. Our first stop was at the lake home of our son and daughter in law at Lake Possum Kingdom, near Graham, TX northwest of Fort Worth for the Memorial Day weekend. Here our daughter in law caught us simply sipping water while we waited for dinner.

Next we were with our daughter and her family for the July 4th holiday. The picture below was taken at the Blue Bunny Ice Cream parlor in Le Mars, IA. Our son in law and one of his sons, our grandson, both work for the Wells Blue Bunny company. Marty, our son in law, makes the ice cream that we buy in the store. Our grandson, Trent, packs it into the freezer after its made. This is always a treat for us whenever we are in Northwest Iowa.

Believe us. Shirley wasn't near as unhappy as she looks. This is what happens when someone else takes a photo of you and it is the only copy. Those ice cream cones are stupendous!

Sad news.

I received this sad news in an email from Terry Caywood this morning.

"Dave, please share with the community that our 39 yr old son in law died in his sleep July 2 from a blood clot to the lung. He leaves behind our daughter, Amy and grandchildren Tyler 11 and Macy 5. They have been to LW to visit in the past."

Thought for Today

Never miss an opportunity to make others happy, even if you have to leave them alone in order to do it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Thought for Today

When I was young, I admired clever people.
Now that I am old, I admire kind people.

~Abraham Heschel~

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Our Motorcycle Journey 2016 PART 2of 2

Our Day 7 ride would take us to Duchesne on US40. Temps are a little cooler today but still with a high of 32C. We couldn't believe the traffic. There are hundreds of double tank trucks hauling crude oil from where we don't know. Looks to me to be a more dangerous thing than using trains or pipelines. We stopped at an overlook with nice red rocks. Then onto Duchesne for lunch at Cowan's Cafe. This is a long time establishment with good service and home cooked meals. Staff and patrons were very friendly. Then we took a connector over to highway 35. This is a nice biking road through a valley that rises to the Duchesne Summit at 9,485 feet.

Duchesne Summit

We rode this route a few years back with Ernie & Brenda but there were 12 foot high snow banks that year. We seen a snow patch or two but they are few.

Day 8 is an off day for riding. Wally was the only one to move the bike as we decided to tour around and shop in the downtown area. His knee has been giving him lots of pain so the rest would walk over and he would ride. Downtown PC has many unique shops, galleries, pubs and restaurants. Many of these are housed in buildings that go back into the 1800s. Mix this in with modern condos and businesses and you get a unique setting. Many of the older buildings had plaques that told the history of uses over the years. We did the usual collection of tee shirts and costume jewelry. We lunched at the High West Distillery which is housed in an old livery stable. This place brews what they consider to be upscale Ryes and Vodkas, but without trying any, we doubt that they are better than anyone else’s. We found that prices for any of the shops or restaurants here were on the high side.

The downtown is built on a big slope so one nice feature is the free Main Street shuttle. Good to ride up to the top and then amble down. The place is loaded with statues and wind gadgets that spin in the breeze. There is also a chairlift right downtown and several towers that could signal either skiing or mining. By 4pm we were shopped out so returned to the condo for a cool one. We decided to dine at the Baja Cantina for dinner which is about a block from our condo. They had good food but slow service and like everything else in PC, it was pricier than elsewhere.

Day 9 we had a great ride Friday just with Sue and Dave. Dennis and EJ would do some touring around antique shops. We headed to Kamas and then took highway 150 to Evanston, WY. This takes us over Bald Mountain Pass at 10,759 feet.

Bald Mountain Pass

Day 10 is here and we must check out of our condo. We had planned to take in some of southern Utah before heading home but our plans have changed due to the unseasonably hot weather. Moab will be in the mid 100'sF for the rest of the week. So today we will head to Ogden to see the Hill Airforce Base Museum and then to Idaho Falls for an overnight.

So our ride today would take us north on I-84 to Ogden for a stop at Costco. Then the plan was to spend a couple hours at the Hill AFB Aerospace Museum. As we approached the exit there were cops everywhere and everything was at a standstill. Then we seen a WWII fighter plane flying beside a F16. Then there were signs saying all parking spots were taken. It was obvious that there was an air show going on. We debated going in but it would have probably taken an hour to even get in. We opted instead to continue on to Idaho Falls for our motel. But we got to Brigham city and decided to get off the super slab. So we took US89 over to Montpelier. This is one terrific biking road. We were stopped a couple times by accidents. One involved two motorcycles a Harley and a GoldWing. It was obvious that one had hit the other as they were traveling together. We hope both riders are OK. We got to the summit with a large viewpoint over looking a beautiful Bear Lake.

Beautiful Bear Lake, Utah

Spectacular deep blue colour that was almost like Lake Tahoe! 
We continued down the big hill to Garden City and Montpelier and then back to the I-15 via US30. This turned into a very long 4 hour ride that lasted over 10 hours. But it was great to do this ride.

Day 11 and we would ride from Idaho Falls to West Yellowstone on US20.  Most of this trip is 4 lane until close to the park and there was not much traffic. We gassed up in W. Yellowstone and then entered the park. Park fees are now $25us per bike for a 7 day pass. Sounds like gouging to me when you only want to spend 4 or 5 hours. Thanks very much USNPS. The roads in the park were kind of rough and we certainly hope that they use some of our fee monies to do a new paving job. We figured that the five hours we spent in the park was costing us $15 an hour. We really enjoyed doing the one lane Firehole Canyon and stopped for pix here.

Firehole Canyon in Yellowstone Park

Then on to the West Store for a sandwich we could take to a picnic table. As we were lunching, Old Faithful blew her top, but we were a long ways away and could only see some of it above the trees. Rangers told us she would blow again about 2:30pm give or take 13 minutes. She actually arrived about  2:44pm. Go figure mother nature! It was pretty spectacular and I captured it all in 4K video on my new iPhone SE. Can’t wait to get home and play it on the big screen! There was a mob leaving the parking lots . . . rush hour in Yellowstone. At least Dave and Sue got to see that lady which didn’t happen last year because of Dave’s bike problems. So we headed to West Thumb and then east around Lake Yellowstone and over to Cody, WY. 

We dined at the Irma Hotel in Cody. Irma was Buffalo Bill’s daughter so he built the hotel and named it after her.

Buffalo Bill Cody's Irma Hotel

Prices here were much better than in Park City with good food and fine barleys. But we hit one more disappointment. The usual gun fight in front of the hotel never happens on a Sunday. They don’t want any killings on Sundays, even if they are fake. So we headed early to our hotel room at the Super 8 in Powell, WY. Rooms in Cody were all booked up.

Day 11 and this is the day we will do the most fantastic pair of roads. We would ride back into Cody and tour the town and then the girls would do some shopping (thankfully mostly of the window variety) at the souvenir stores. Then we went to Walmart for some deli sandwiches for a picnic stop along the way. Gas up and on our way by 11am for the Chief Joseph and Beartooth highways. These are highways WY120 & 296 and US212. The Chief Joseph is perhaps one of the most spectacular scenic roads in the world. There are lots of corners and switchbacks getting to the Dead Indian Summit Viewpoint. The view is incredible with a low flat top mesa in the distance and high mountains all around.

Chief Joseph Highway

Going down a few miles and many turns would get us to a viewpoint overlooking the Clark River Canyon. As we approached the bottom we came upon a campground at Dead Indian Creek, so pulled in for our picnic lunch. A few miles later we stopped at the Sunlight Creek Bridge viewpoint. The sign on the bridge says for vehicle and pedestrian use only. So I told Dave that he wouldn’t be able to bungee jump. It is a long way down to the water. We stopped several times for photos and then headed up the Beartooth. At the summit we posed by the sign which says we are at 10,947 feet.

Beartooth Pass Summit

This road is even a more spectacular riding road but the scenery is not as nice. But it wasn’t long before we were higher than many snow patches. Then it is down the Montana side of the pass. We stop at the great large viewpoint and walked out to the point. We see and feed lots of chipmunks, some of them very fat, but could not find the Hoary Marmot that hangs around the end of the viewpoint. So that is the fifth disappointment for EJ. No Sun Valley, No Natural Arches at Moab, No Air Museum, No Gunfight in Cody, and now no Marmot. Sorry EJ.

The plan at this point was to video the others coming down from the viewpoint at a switchback. So we rode down a few minutes before and then caught them coming down. Then we would ride back up and Susan was supposed to video us coming down. Well Dave had an incident at the filming spot and put his bike down. Susan popped off and had a bruised knee and elbow but Dave ended up under the bike with his right foot trapped below. Oops! We struggled to get the bike off of Dave. The Susuki is a way heavier to lift up than a GoldWing. Might have something to do with that big gas tank up top. Dave didn’t think he broke anything but may get it Xrayed when he gets home. So now Wally is hobbling on his bad left knee and Dave on his right ankle. We will make it home . . . as gimps. Sue did video us and then we headed into Red Lodge for a quick stop before heading into Billings. Over to Costco for a gas up and then to Cracker Barrel for dinner. We are pooped after untold thousands of corners. Early to bed and up early tomorrow for the ride to Calgary.

Day 12 is June 28th. We left Billings before eight with threatening clouds to the northwest. To avoid the super slab we would take highways MT3, US12, 191 & 87. Lorna and I have done this route many times on our way to Texas. We decided to stop and rain-suit up about 40 miles north of Billings. We did get a little rain in the next few miles but no where near as much as the clouds looked to dump on us. The temperatures were fairly nice and we would stop at a brand new, very nice Rest Area at Harlowton. Ray’s Casino next door used to receive a visit from us in the past but not anymore. For reasons unknown we did not get rid of the rain gear. We gassed up at Eddie’s Corner and still didn’t disrobe! The temperatures got warmer and by the time we got to Great Falls we were all in a sauna with the temps approaching 30C. We stopped at a Taco Bell on the NW Bypass and shed our duds and went in for lunch. The server was a real card and kept us in stitches listening to his stories to us and others. Perhaps he will make it to an improv comedy event somewhere!

Now we have the super slab through some pretty boring country. Several of us were dozing but fortunately no rider got more than a quick nap. Our next stop was Shelby for gas. Then off to the Canuck border for an unusually easy crossing. No lineups at all! Off to Timmy’s in Lethbridge for an Ice Cap. As we left the restaurant one of the patrons told us there was 8 to 10 inches of hail at Okotoks. The sky was the most ominous we have ever witnessed but we pressed on. At Stavely rain was imminent so we suited up again. We barely got the stuff on and on our way when it hit. Not rain but hail. We pulled over, hunkered down and took a pounding. The hail was between pea size and up to 2 or 3 times the size of a pea. It hurt like hell! We can attest to Chapter Educator, Dave England that we had our helmets on and were so thankful we had them. Actually Dave we had them on for every ride! This was not your typical Alberta thunderstorm that came and went in 5 minutes. We took the deluge for 20 to 25 minutes before the hail switched to heavy rain. Idiots were still driving by us doing 100 to 110 klicks. One could not see more than 50 feet in front but they continued on at these speeds. The hail would have been a couple inches deep on the highway if it were not for the traffic passing by and a lot of rain with the hail. And so we pressed on and the rain finally stopped near Nanton so we pulled off to check everything out. No damage but this has to have been our worst weather incident in over a half million miles of riding motorcycle.

As we got to Okotoks the fields and ditches were still white with several inches of hail but the highways were good because snow plows had done their job. The swath was perhaps 5 klicks wide, and the skies cleared as we crested the hill south of Calgary. The other two couples would peel off on the McLeod trail for a hotel while we carried on the Deerfoot to north Calgary where we stay with our friend Carol Craig. Carol had a nice Pizza ordered and we really enjoyed our visit with her.

Day 13 would be our last day and should be a cakewalk. EJ and Dennis would stay in town longer to spend time with Dennis’ 96 year old mother. We heard on the TV news that there was a bad accident near Carstairs. As we left, we rounded the corner onto Country Hills Blvd and spotted an SUV on it’s roof. How do you do these things at 50 klicks? We would meet up with Sue and Dave at the Crossfield Esso. There was nothing for Celiac Sue at the motel so she was having a breakfast outside as we arrived and filled up. Then we headed up the super slab with thoughts of finding and alternate route. Well, we got to Corsairs and the highway was blocked up both directions for several klicks. One would have thought the accident site would be cleared up after three hours, but NOT! Police were directing all this traffic to the west into town and then north on 2A. This would still be very slow so when we finally got up the ramp we opted instead to head east. We got our wish to get off of the super slab. We jogged around on some good secondary highways with no traffic and stopped at Three Hills for a break. From here we were on the familiar highway 21. We stopped in Bashaw for a nice lunch and then towards home. As we got to the Camrose corner we could see yet one more ominous thunderhead. Welcome to Alberta! We did not suit up in hopes that we could beat it home. Well, by highway 14 it started raining but we said the heck with it and got home damp about 2.5 hours later than we had hoped.

We seen on the TV news that the accident was a single vehicle roll over with one man dead and three others very seriously injured. Debris from the accident was strewn across all four lanes. What are people doing instead of concentrating on driving? People are simply going too fast and not paying attention to driving. Even in Utah with the speed limits on the freeways at 80mph they are still driving a way over the limit. These things make me wonder if we are even safe riding motorcycles any more.

Our trip was fabulous! Everyone enjoyed the change of route through Yellowstone, Cody and Billings instead of the searing heat of south Utah. We really enjoyed having great company along. This is our third condo trip with Sue and Dave, and we always have fun together. And we are so glad that the Suzuki ran perfectly this time. Then having EJ and Dennis along added even more enjoyment to the trip. As our club motto says "FRIENDS for Fun, Safety and Knowledge!" What more could one ask!

Our Motorcycle Journey 2016 PART 1of 2

Day 1 June 15, 2016 started out with black threatening clouds to the west of Edmonton and it was obvious that it had rained in Sherwood Park overnight. But as Dave and Sue led us out of town on the Anthony Henday to the Queen E Two. We could see blue sky to the south and that sounded encouraging until we realized there was a wind that came with that. And this wasn’t going to be a mild wind and it was hitting 40 to 60kph from the south. We would have that same wind until Olds and then it would switch to a crosswind from the west. Dennis and EJ had just changed the front tires on their Spyder. Wally had just changed the rear on his Wing. We didn’t want to be delaying the group like Dave did last year on the Colorado trip. So Dennis pulls over near Ponoka cause he has some vibration in the front. We decide to stop at Kal Tire in Red Deer. They told him it may just need some wearing in and they couldn't help anyway. So off we went and stopped at Wendy’s in Olds for an early lunch. Then on to 22 south for stop in Turner Valley for gas and a stop in Longview for Beef Jerky. On to Crowsnest Pass and our overnight at the Causeway Bay hotel in Sparwood. We would dine in the hotel dining room.

Wally and Lorna on the Road Again!

Day 2 took us to Rooseville for the easy border crossing. Then we headed west to the Libby bridge where we headed down the west side of Lake Kookanusa. This is a very twisty road through wilderness country. At one spot we had a mother deer and her fawn going down the road in front of us with a high cliff on one side and a guard rail on the other. They trotted down the road in front of us for a couple hundred yards before the fawn jumped the rail. Mother looked us with big brown eyes before jumping the rail as if to say, “Thank you for not running us over.” We stopped at the Libby Dam visitors centre and then headed to Libby townsite for lunch at Micky Dees. Then we headed west on US2 to the junction highway 56 with a short jog down to MT200. We were expecting a gas station at the corner but didn’t find one. Dave was running on vapor so decided to use the spare tank out of the trailer to top up. We rode down the road 6 or 7 miles and found a gas station but bypassed it for everyone filling at Trout Creek. We continued along the Clark Fork River with several dams. We would head north at the Junction with 93 to St. Ignacious. The Mission here is very impressive with perhaps the most murals inside of any Catholic facility in the world. The Mission cook was the painter.

St. Ignatius Mission Sign

St. Ignatius Mission Murals

Then we are off to Missoula but before arriving we had a hail storm which lasted perhaps 5 miles. We bypassed the city on the very slow with rush hour traffic 93 south and arrived Lolo about 7pm. Too late for a supper so we ordered in Pizza.

Day 3 The Days Inn was quite noisy with traffic going by but we were bright eyed and bushy tailed to leave early for Hailey, ID the next morn. Our route today was supposed take us along US 93 to ID75 which would take us into Sun Valley, but Dennis was leading and when we stopped at Wally’s restaurant in Salmon which just happened to be next door to Dave’s Pizza house in Salmon. We couldn’t find a Denny’s anywhere so Wally’s would have to do. After lunch our leader “Dennis” took the wrong road out despite hearing the sage advice of EJ in the intercom. Nobody else noticed the error. Our useless GPS devices failed us again. 150 kms later we realized we were on highway 28 instead of 93. So Sun Valley will remain on our Bucket List. We did the Craters of the Moon National Park today instead tomorrow. The lava field here makes it very tough on vegetation to grow and some do not survive.

Craters of the Moon

We took a circuitous route to our hotel in Hailey, ID and then supped at the Muleshoe very noisy bar and grill.

Day 4 would pass us once more by the Craters of the Moon and get us to EBR1 National Historic site.

EBR1 First Nuclear Power Plant

This was the very first Nuclear power generation site in the world. This interesting stop in the middle of the dessert gives one an insight into Cold War activities. From there we went to Blackfoot for a lunch. Then we took the SuperSlab to Ogden in very high south winds and temps into the mid thirties Celsius. All bikes performed well under the strenuous 80mph limit. We broke off at I-84 to avoid SLC and arrived looking for our condo with bad GPS info once more. Why do we have these expensive gadgets on our bikes? We checked in, got totally lost in the building before finding suite 50. It was very nice but not designed for seniors. Wally’s knee gave out before the very first flight of stairs. Only 8 more flights to go! But we did go to the super market and get grub for supper and breakfast.

Day 5 would start with a relaxing morning. Then we would take the short drive to Brighton Ski Hill over Guardsman Pass. After following our wonderful GSP’s for an hour or so with no pass in sight, we decided to do the route backwards. We circumvented the Jordanelle Lake to Midway and found by guess (GPS failed us once more) route 222 to the top of Brighton Mountain. This back trail had very steep (10 to 15% grade),very rough narrow pavement, had lots of hairpin corners, had Wally’s GoldWing reading well past hot, but we made it to the top unscathed.

Guardsman Pass From Park City to Solitude

Everyone in Salt Lake City must have been at the 40 parking spot summit for Father’s Day. We parked along the road and took pictures, then headed to Brighton and Solitude Ski hills before heading back to Park City for more grocery shopping. Father’s Day dinner included Shrimp and Stuffed Clam shells and was followed up with a Wizard barn-burner which included laughs and story telling. A great Father’s Day indeed!

Day 6 is another blue sky day with nary a cloud all day. Our ride today would get us to Provo, UT. We take US 40 to Heber City then US189. We took the Squaw Peak road to a high viewpoint over looking Provo on the left Orem on the right and Utah Lake in the background. What a scene.

Provo on Left, Orem on Right, Utah Lake in Background

We had hoped to go right across to Springville but a mile above the look-out it turned into a nasty gravel road. So back down this great road to US189 and into Provo. We toured the downtown area then lunched at the very good Los Hermanos Mexican restaurant. We were roasting big time while riding as the temps got up to 39C Then to WalMart for some minor things. We basically returned via the same route with a stop in Heber to restock the cold beer supply. Despite the really hot weather we all continued with ATGATT. For those non bikers that means All The Gear All The Time. We were hot but safe!