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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

Prayers are needed for the following:

Betty Stoulil is hospitalized and will be moved to rehab soon. She needs to regain strength again, so she can come home and be well enough and strong enough to make the trip back North at the end of the month.

Chuck Harreld is hospitalized and had 2 surgeries for colon cancer.  He will remain in the hospital for a few more days.

Darrold and Mary Bergeman's son, Kurt, was in an industrial accident last Thursday and had a pallet fall on him. He received back and rib injuries. He had back surgery to put rods and pins in his back.  He has walked a few steps and they have had him sitting in a chair.  He has a lot of pain.

Jim and Beth Staton ask for prayers for Debbie Fitzgerald who has a mass in her heart and will be having surgery.  Debbie and her husband own the cafe at Don Wes Flea Market.

Maxine Rice had a pacemaker put in.  Maxine fell in her yard and fractured her pelvis.  The doctors discovered she needed the pacemaker when she was hospitalized after her fall.

Betty Dixon had back surgery last Thursday.  She is home from the hospital.

Continue prayers for Connie Garrels and family.  Connie will be traveling back to Leisure World this next week.
Rayma Bitters is home from the hospital.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

ANNEX Storage Closet

Thanks to Art Miller and Dick Connett for "overhauling" the ANNEX closet with shelves.  We purchased eight new bins (to start with) for storing items.  It is so nice to have space and storage bins so items can be organized and not just thrown here and there. 

Picture was taken by Dick Connett...   While organizing the closet we found a leather suitcase that had Bob Clark's tag on the handle.  We asked around who might enjoy this, and I believe it wound up in the hands of Lloyd Walker, who was a long time friend of Bob's.  What a keepsake...

Also Dick and Phyllis Connett had requested to have some new chairs in the ANNEX as some of the older chairs were scratching the floor.  Dick and Phyllis purchased, delivered, and set up so we have twenty-four new chairs for the card players use.  Thanks for the "green" from the association to make these little projects possible.

2017 Leisure World Gala

Wednesday, February 22nd, marks another year for the Leisure World Gala which is held every two years.  This year we named this event "The Boulevard Gala" and every street was involved in one way or another.  Of course it takes a TEAM and a great chair which was JUDY HUKILL.  Together the team did a superb job of planning, organizing, and selling tickets, as they reached out to the residents for hor d'oeurves, desserts, silent action and live auction items.  AND OUR RESIDENTS CAME FORWARD.  I shouldn't brag, but I will - I THINK THIS WAS ONE OF THE MOST ELEGANT events we have held here at Leisure World Community.  JUST SAYIN... When you stepped in the rec. hall, you might have thought you were in a "Casino" - looking at the food set up.
Chair Judy Hukill - "I can't get anymore in the refrigerator"...

 Not a spot left in the kitchen to set anymore items coming in.  The pie rack was even full.

Yvonne Grimmius and Phyllis Connett were in charge of the dessert tables.
We had an abundance of "goodies" and ran out of space, so some peanut butter fudge, chocolate covered peanuts and brownies went on the silent auction table. 
Our chocolate fountain with angle food cake, pineapple, marshmallows and strawberries and Linda Shires, manning the "wine table"...
"Our Tea/Coffee" man Dick Connett made 10 gallons of coffee and 20 gallons of cold tea throughout the evening... (very few cups left)
Auctioneer Bob Thompson (with wife Jeanette)
The remarks we heard - "WOW, I don't know what to choose".  I told them to take one of each... AND "My plate isn't big enough"...  Well, come back for more...
Come and get in line....
On the far upper right was the silent auction items and in front of the picture was items to be auctioned off.  Thanks to all residents who were more than generous...
Bill Pratt (one of the team) was just one of the many who were continually washing dishes as the evening progressed, one job that is very much appreciated.

After all had their fill - there was an abundance of food left so "take home" boxes were sold for $2.00 in which the residents could take all they wanted.  Still more food, so after a few phone calls, food was packaged and delivered to The Boys and Girls In Texas - Weslaco, the Leisure World Maintenance crew and a church shelter.

When the evening came to a close, most of the team went home exhausted, burnt hands with blisters, leg cramps, back aches, but we had a great time preparing and planning.  We want to THANK ALL residents who so willing gave, as this event could not have happened without everyone stepping forward. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

LeRoy Garrels

Connie Garrels has asked me to put this article on the blog in honor of her husband LeRoy.

In Loving Memory
LeRoy Garrels
August 14, 1935 - February 19, 2017

Friend, NE / Weslaco, TX - LeRoy Garrels, 81, passed away suddenly on Sunday, February 19th, at the McAllen Heart Hospital.

LeRoy was born in Bruning, Nebraska to Melvin and Dorothy Garrels.  He had a younger brother, Dennis.  LeRoy had a natural musical talent as a young boy and he embraced this talent and it became a lifelong hobby.  He played the saxophone in a professional dance band starting in the 8th grade and throughout his college years.  LeRoy was quite an athlete as well.  He played Junior Legion Baseball and later played for the University of Nebraska as a pitcher.  He also joined the Nebraska National Guard.
After he graduated, LeRoy would become a teacher at Milligan, Davenport, Clay Center and Friend High Schools, continuing to embrace his God given talent as a music teacher.  It was during this time that he met his future bride, Connie.

LeRoy and Connie were married on August 21, 1966 and would enjoy a beautiful marriage and life together.  They were blessed with two children, Jayson and Laura.  He also found time in between teaching and raising his family, to go back to school and pursue his Masters Degree.  LeRoy worked for the Friend School District nearly his entire career, mostly in administration.  He and Connie began spending their winters in Weslaco twenty years ago living at Leisure World.  They were also able to travel to many places during retirement, traveling to Budapest and Vienna taking a river cruise through the Danube recently.

LeRoy's hobbies included traveling, fishing, golf, hunting and music.  He was a tried and true "Cornhusker", always loyal to his college team. 

LeRoy is preceded in death by his parents, his nephew Russel and his nieces Rebecca and Jennifer.  He is survived by his loving wife of fifty years, his son, Jayson Garrels and wife, Jacquelyn of Grand Prairie, Texas, his daughter, Laura Pinkall and husband Jason, of Dallas, Texas,  granddaughters, Sophia and Siena Garrels, Ella Pinkall, and grandson, Noah Pinkall.

A visitation was held on Monday at McCaleb Funeral Home in Weslaco.  There will be another service in Friend, Nebraska at a later time.

LeRoy will be missed at Leisure World....

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

Prayers for the Garrels family.  Leroy was hospitalized and diagnosed with blood clots to the lungs. Sadly he did not survive. Please keep Connie and her children Laura and Jayson in your prayers.

Prayers for Clarence and Donna Thomas and family.  Donna's brother in law at Houston passed away.

Rayma Bitters is in the hospital because of  an asthma attack.

Betty Dixon is going in for back surgery on Thursday. Please pray for a good outcome.

Styrl Little is sick with the Flu. Connie asks for prayers.

Continue prayers for Tony Staton who is receiving Chemo treatments for cancer.

Landen is home from the hospital after being seriously ill from a ruptured appendix.

Linda Belcher was able to attend Leisure World Chapel this morning.  It was so good to see her smiling face.  We wish her continued healing.

Anyone wishing to contact Pastor Belcher, call: 210 464 3907
Valley Shuffleboard News

Two big shuffleboard events happened this week in the Pine to Palm Resort in Weslaco. Sunday February 12th they hosted the annual Gail Hoskins Shuffleboard Awards Banquet. This event honors those players who have excelled in the game of shuffleboard and who have dedicated many volunteer hours in support of this sport. Award recipients must have reached certain goals in tournaments as a player and be committed to organizing and supporting their in-park shuffleboard programs and the valley wide tournaments. 

There are two governing bodies who oversee shuffleboard in this area. These are the Rio Grande Valley Shuffleboard Association (RGVSA), the Texas State Shuffleboard Association (TSSA). Each entity gives awards at this banquet. RGVSA award recipients this year were Gina Bassillion of Pine to Palm, Wally Bentt of Leisure World, Bill Hathcoat of Casa de Valle, Leslie McLean of Magic Valley, Ed Yauchzee of Casa del Sol and Ann Wright from Seista Village. TSSA recipients were Tok Foster of Tropic Star, Pete Hildebrand of Pine to Palm, Warren King of Snow to Sun. Other awards included 500 point players and the top ten players for amateur, expert and over 75 classes.
Wally Bentt with
the  RGVSA  Players Award

The second event was the Senior Olympics Shuffleboard Playdowns played on Friday February 17th. Gold medal lady winners were Lorna Bentt and Vivian Swearns representing Leisure World Park and the men were Peter Hildebrand and Garth Bakke representing Pine to Palm Resort. Leisure World Men were Carol Johnk and Myril Ferguson who captured a fourth place medal.
Lorna Bentt and Vivian Swearns 1st Place
Carol Johnk and Myril Ferguson 4th Place

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Another "Quilter" in the Park

Unless "SHE" is volunteering in the Kitchen, at the Cook Outs, or some special event, you don't see too much of Mary Beth Chandler.  BUT, that doesn't mean she doesn't keep herself busy.  You will always see one of those huge homemade pies at the Tuesday Jams that she donates to almost if not every week.  I always knew Mary Beth did a lot of embroidery work and sewing, and then she shared that she is working on a quilt for her grandson.  She is trying so hard to get this completed before they head back to Illinois.  So today, we got a sneak peek of what this quilt will become. 
The "wedding ring quilt" will be twice this wide...
And this long...
She also showed us another piece she had made which was beautiful. 
You won't see her in the ANNEX Quilting room, but she is definitely busy as a bee in her own home working on these beautiful projects.  Great Job Mary Beth - I'm sure your grandson will be thrilled.  Thanks for sharing a piece of your talent with us. 

February Illinois Breakfast

February 15th - Approximately 17 residents and friends present for the February Illinois Breakfast which was once again held at Diana's.  Some who are visiting parents joined us this time.  Always good to hear the different stories going around the table.
From your left - Rob Chandler, Dick Connett, (hidden - Dick Babcock), Mike, Marj Herbig, Jan Scheetz, Sandy Swank, Dwight Eddington, and around to the other side was a friend sitting next to Larry Snowden, Jeff Caywood, Rita Langman, Terri, Lorraine Babcock, Phyllis Connett and Mary Beth Chandler.
From one end of the table - and again from the other end of the table...
Don't know if Brent Langman has a new ear piece or just him making plans for the afternoon on his cell phone (middle of the picture).  Gentleman on your left is a friend of Larry Snowden.  Good to see Jeff Caywood (third on the left) join us even though he is not from Illinois.  On your right, the first two are new residents from Cuba, Illinois - we welcome Sandy and Dwight Eddington.
Mike (Dick and Lorraine Babcock's son-in-law) visiting the park for about a week.
On your right is Terri (Dick and Lorraine Babcock's daughter),  They are from Popular Grove, Illinois.

Helen Mott was in charge of this month, but she couldn't make it this morning due to being ill.  Also missed Judy and Dave Hukill.  Judy was also under the weather.  March Breakfast will be held at the same place on the 22nd.  Sign up and we'll see you there.

A Few More Pictures of the Tuesday Music Jam

Just a few more pictures of the Tuesday Music Jam that is led by Louie Jett.  Each week somebody new might step into the spotlight.  This week we had the pleasure to listen to John who is from Quebec, Canada.  A new resident to Leisure World.  Very nice.

From the "other side of the room", Just before break time...
Mary Beth, Phyllis and George all finishing up lunch.  Mary Beth was in charge of the kitchen this time and ALL FOOD was completely sold out...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Valentine Jam

What a wonderfully large crowd yesterday for the Tuesday Jam. Being Valentine's Day, the jammers were encouraged to sing to their love ones, which they all did. We heard many new tunes and had a super good time. Even the kitchen emptied out. come and join the fun next Tuesday. 11 AM for lunch with music from 12 - 2. Absolutely worth the trip!

Above photo taken late in the session. We lost a few, but not many, after the break.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine Party

Leisure World has three new members in their Golden Club. Last night Tom and Donna Colstrom, LeRoy and Connie Garrels and Larry and Vicki Konya were inducted, having had their 50th Wedding Anniversary within the past 365 days.

Left to right: Vicki, Larry, LeRoy, Connie, Donna and Tom

One more pose before the shindig
Greeters above and below

Happy talk at the punch bowl
Jeff lights candles (in case the lights go out)
A very good crowd
Mary Chamberlin, excellent entertainment
Donna & Tom Colstrom

Connie & LeRoy Garrels

Vicki & Larry Konya

Among the many servers

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Wednesday, February 8th - For those of you who were unable to make the Margaretville gathering at the Leisure World rec hall, here are a few pictures for you to view.  It was a great evening of fun, dancing, some special games, a wonderful DJ, and of course we had Margareta's, Cheeseburgers, chips, Cole slaw and topped it off with ice cream.  Thanks goes to "Sunshine" park helpers, Terry & Jeff Caywood, Shirley & Fred Fischer, Brent & Rita Langman, Alice & Dan Anderson and Jim Edwards.
An excellent choice...
The empty seats belong to those that were dancing.  Over 200 attendees...
 Just a few of your host....
Lorraine and Dick Babcock kicking up their heels....Charley & Betsy enjoying watching all...
Line dancers...
Hula-Hoop completion.  Vicky Konya did a super job...
Yep, it was 5:00 someplace, and that someplace was right here in Leisure World Community Park, where you never get bored - there is always something going on.... Such a fun evening...