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Monday, March 27, 2017

Leisure World Chapel

Prayers are needed for the following:

Connie Little who is having knee surgery Monday.

Betty Dixon's friend whose son was found dead.

Verna Louse who will have hip surgery.

Bob Thompson who is hospitalized for Diverticulitis. He is being treated with medication and will be evaluated for surgery.

Karlene Taylor who lost her husband.

Pastor Charles who is consulting on what treatment is best for his aortic aneurysm.

Betty Stoulil and her family who continue to monitor Betty's health

Prayers for all who are traveling.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

ANNEX Building

New Look and activities going on in the Leisure World ANNEX building.  Puzzles are constantly being worked on by residents (Here Ruth Elliott is creating a master piece)....
When puzzles are completed, some are being displayed on the walls of the ANNEX. 
While next to the card room, two busy ladies working on a quilt.  Annettte Koons from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Sandy Swank from Cuba, Illinois.  Somebody will be receiving a beautiful gift....
The ANNEX tree is being decorated to fit the season monthly.  Cannot see it well, but this time it is all green for St. Patrick.  Next month, it will be Easter...  Mexican blankets and sombrero placed on the wall with Mexican blankets for window covering and the beautiful shades that are now in place.
And last but not least, there is always someone playing their card games. 
And sharing a dish of ice cream after the games.... 
That's what it is all about at Leisure World...

Sister visits the valley...

Barb McGrean - Altoona, Iowa
Barb is a sister to Phyllis Connett.  Barb came to the valley to spend a week with Phyllis and Dick Connett.  We visited Don/Wes Flea Market and took a short break for some of those delicious donuts.
One evening we gathered at the rec hall with some friends and shared an old Iowa Recipe (Guinea Grinders) which is an Italian sausage/Hamburger sandwich.  Very tasty. 
  Around the table - Dick Connett, Barb McGrean, Ruth Elliott, Marilyn Farmer, Stan Gainer, Carolyn Cornelious and Mary Gainer.  Phyllis was taking picture...

The days rolled by much too fast for Barb, but while here we covered a lot of ground.  Progresso, McAllen, Donna, Harlingen, LaFeria and Weslaco.  Had a great time playing games and just being together.  Barb is already looking forward to next years visit to the valley. 

Leisure World Illinois Breakfast

Our last Illinois/Indiana Leisure World breakfast for the season, was held on Wednesday, March 15th and again at Diana's.  We had 13 residents in attendance.
Starting on the left and around the corner - Marj Herbig, Brent and Rita Langman, Phyllis Connett with sister Barb McGrean (hiding), Helen Mott, Lorraine and Dick Babcock, Dick Connett, Sandy Swank and Dwight Eddington, and Judy and Dave Hukill.  Come October, we will start all over again.   Always enjoy the fellowship together.
Two sisters heads together - Barb McGrean came to the valley for a week's visit with Phyllis & Dick Connett. 

Leisure World Chapel: Prayers and Concerns

Prayers are needed for:
 Earl and Gladys Stout, friends of Betty and Earl Dixon, who lost their 47 year old son David.

A South Dakota friend of Delphine Peterson  who has stomach Cancer and is having a hard time.

Mary Gainer's daughter in law, Carol Ritter, whose mother passed away.  Mary's friend Donna Pierce is still having Chemo treatments.

Phyliss Connet's sister Barb's husband has Lyme Disease and her son has cancer
Prayers for Dave and Carol Slater of Leisure World.  Carols cancer has returned.

Linda Belcher is doing well.

Pastor Charles Belcher will have consultation on an aorta aneurysm.

                          Anyone wishing to contact Pastor Belcher, call 210-464-3907.

If you have any joys or concerns you would like posted on the Leisure World Blog this summer, you may contact either Mary Ferguson or Beth Staton.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

March Leisure World Shffleboard News

Well, here we are the third week in March and the Valley Wide Shuffleboard tournaments are all over for another year. We’ve had 130 person entries in these tournaments which is down about 30 from last season. We did collect a few trophies to be sure, but perhaps far too few. Our entries valley wide are down due to the reduced number of Winter Texans coming south. Perhaps with the drastic winter up north this year it may result in an increase in numbers next season. What was great was to have Galen McCrary and Jack Shaw take home trophies in the Non Trophy tournament last week. This was Jack’s first tournament and he collects some hardware. You know he is happy to be hooked on this great game. Of course the highlight of the year was to have Vivian Swearns and Lorna Bentt grab the gold medals in the Senior Olympics.

One of the things I took on this year as an RGVSA Director was to get our sport a wee bit of recognition from the media. I placed articles in all of the seasonal newspapers and this received rave reviews from shufflers. Next year I will attempt to get us some television coverage as well. If we don’t blow our own horn, nobody else will do it for us.

We had more students taking lessons, but this didn’t result in many extra shufflers. We could only fill 6 courts on the busiest days. I certainly see many able bodied individuals around our park who should be learning this game. I tell everyone that this is a mentally challenging game that is real easy on older bodies. I have heard some of them say, “Those shuffle board players are an elite bunch.” I have no idea where that idea comes from, but I can tell you that we have the friendliest, funnest group playing every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. So I want you all to come out and join us next year for lessons so then you too can become ‘elites’!

As many know we struggled with the six courts that the park refinished last summer using our maintenance boys. Courts were very bumpy and so very slow that we could have lost our two annual tournaments. We tried many different things to speed them up, but it wasn’t until late January that Richard Methala and his crew from Trails End managed to get a lot of improvement. Refinishing is an expensive proposition running about $900 per court, so we can understand that the owner wanted to save some money on the job. We did not want to go through that again. So I proposed that our Activities Association split the cost to get the next six courts professionally done. Our owner has agreed to that and I thank everyone for all their good vibes in this regard.

So I have enjoyed the season this year. The weather was much better than normal. So I want to wish all those Winter Texans a happy healthy summer and a safe return in the fall.

Wally Bentt

Shuffleboard Chairperson

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Leisure World Chapel: Prayers and Concerns

Continued prayers for Betty Stoulil and her family.  She is in hospice care and is continuing on a day to day basis.

Walt and Kathy Wernden had a safe trip to Michigan for Kathy's mothers funeral.

Helen Mott asks for prayers for her nephew Jeff who has been diagnosed with Leukemia.

Mary Gainer asks that prayers continue for her friend Donna Pierce who has cancer, and also for her son and daughter-in-law Carol Ritter, whose mother is critically ill.

Pastor Charles ask for prayers for his wife Linda, who is having medical procedures this week and for himself as he has a consultation appointment on March 22nd for an Aorta Aneurysm.

Prayers for Chuck Harrold who is at home in Leisure World recovering from colon cancer surgery. He says each day is a little better.

               Anyone wishing to have Pastor Charles contact them, you may call 210-464-3907.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Former resident passes

Georgia Misamore

Georgia Misamore, 93, passed away March 7 2017 in Weatherford, Texas. Service: Pending at Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery. Georgia was born on May 13, 1923 in Hollister, Missouri to Andrew and Syntha Fisher. She worked as a Medical and Dental assistant for most of her professional life. Georgia enjoyed crocheting, playing cards and dominos. She is proceeded in death by her husband of 53 years, James Misamore of Weslaco, TX (originally of Findlay, OH); daughter; Freda Jean Williams of Niagara Falls, NY, and granddaughter, Michelle McKeller of Tiffin, OH. Survivors: Son, Scott Misamore (Jarris) of Weatherford, TX; grandchildren, Rachel Awadalla (Ahmed) of Tampa, FL, Suzanne Edgell (Roger) of Findlay, OH, Jon Williams of North Baltimore, OH, Kim Williams of North Baltimore, OH, and Jason Misamore (Trish) of Ft. Worth, TX; 9 great-grandchildren and 10 great-great-grandchildren.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Leisure World Red Hat Ladies Gathering

On March 8th, with our "red hats and ruffled feathers", some of the Red Hat Ladies Of Leisure
 visited Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in Donna, Texas.
 Back Row:  Phyllis Connett, Carolyn Cornelius, Mary Gainer, Jo Elyn  Hersom, Hazel Oachs and Sue Heiderscheidt.  Front Row:  Sherry Petrie, Ellen Lord, Connie Garrels and Joannie Miller.
After watching a movie of the "grounds" we boarded the shuttle and viewed the whole park. 
Besides a few butterflies fluttering through the air, we did see the back side of a wild hog hurrying into the bushes.  We passed a large cabbage field which was next to the border.
We stopped a few times along the way.  One stop was an ancient old cemetery.  The fence posts around the cemetery were decaying in the center - giving a home for the snakes and insects.

Our "guide Randy" even dressed for the occasion with his red flower on his hat. 
From there, we heard "Hamburgers" calling our names, so we headed to the Ranch House in Weslaco, Texas for lunch.

Just a few more memories for the Red Hat Ladies of Leisure.  Thanks to Mary Gainer and Carolyn Cornelius who organized this gathering.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

Prayers are needed for the following:

Walt and Kathy Wernden. Kathy's mother passed away.  They have gone back home for the funeral.

Betty Stoulil is home and in hospice care.

Marj Herbig's son Gary is in the hospital facing more surgery.

Kurt Bergemann, Darrold and Mary's son, is home from the hospital after suffering back injuries from an industrial accident.

Tony Staton has one more Chemo treatment and then they will asses his progress.

Debbie Fitzgerald, friend of Jim and Beth Staton, had open heart surgery to remove a mass from her heart.

Donna Pierce, friend of Mary Gainer has been diagnosed with Stage 1 cancer.

Connie Garrels would like to thank all her friends in Leisure World for their support after Leroy's passing.  She also asks prayers for her friend in Neb. who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Leisure World Sisters

Sunday, March 5th, the Leisure World Sisters celebrated another "Sisters Gathering".
Back Row:  Donna Fisher, Hazel Oachs, Janice Vizcarra, Annesta Bennett, Bobbi Reising, Vicky Konya.  Front Row:  Terry Caywood, Mary Bergemann, Nola Burchell, Marian Smith, Verna Louze, Phyllis Johnk and Phyllis Connett.  Our two newest sisters below, "almost forgot" but joined us later.

   (Don't they look mischievous????)
Sandy Heljik and Lindy Lemki.  

We gathered at the old water tower - downtown Weslaco, Texas, which has been turned into the I-Theatre.  We viewed a live show (Drinking Habits) and laughed so hard.  Sandy and Lindy were the lucky ones from this group.   First Sandy's name was drawn for a free T-shirt and then right after that Lindy's name was drawn.  I guess that was their welcome to the sisters club prize.....  No they were just lucky.  It was well worth the time and planning to make this day possible.
Phyllis Connett and Hazel Oachs was in charge of this year's event.  Phyllis presented each sister with a baseball cap and a hair clip for a keepsake of this day.  We thank Phyllis Johnk and Bobbi Reising for driving the ladies to the theater.  Sandy and Lindy will be in charge of  the sisters gathering in 2018.  

A Past Resident Visits Friends In Leisure World

Ruby Lowderman came to the valley on Friday 03-03-17 to visit with friends for a few days.  One of her first stops was to view the tree which was planted in front of the rec. hall in her late husbands memory.  It has been four years since we lost our friend Floyd Lowderman. 
 Ruby Lowderman - a past resident of Leisure World is now permanently residing at home in Wichita, Kansas where she lived with her husband Floyd.
One of her stops was to visit the social hour group on Friday afternoon with Dick and Phyllis Connett and friends.
Mary Baas "reading" Lena & Ole jokes, I didn't know if Ruby was laughing so hard or crying. 
Ruth Elliott and Ruby...

Ruby (and her husband) are special to Dick and Phyllis Connett.  Here Ruby is presenting a beautiful handmade red hat lap quilt to Phyllis for her birthday...
Every night Ruby was with us, we played our "silly" card games.  Stan and Mary Gainer - also special friends, Dick and Phyllis Connett, and Ruth Elliott - another special friend and Ruby around the table.  There were other friends playing another night, but I didn't get that picture.  Ruby hadn't got to play joker/pegs since she left us, so she enjoyed doing that.  She can't get those "Kansas" neighbors to play that game.

Sunday evening Dick and Phyllis took Ruby to the Leisure World Sunday night entertainment (Tavie's "Rock & Roll" show) which she truly enjoyed...
A few of our residents helped out with some of the entertainment.    (Karen - 1015 park, Leisure World residents Karen Anderson, JoAnne Kurtenbach, and Pat Jett, with "Tavie" in the middle.   Below Louie Jett stepped up to help out also....
Ruby made a trip to Progresso, the Alamo Flea Market, The Don/Wes Flea Market, shopping with Leisure World friends, plus she got to visit with a lot of residents here at Leisure World.  She is planning to come back when she can stay longer.  We had a wonderful time together and welcome her back whenever she can come....