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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Congratulations to Priscilla's daughter!

Ciera Gonzalez recently competed in Summer Games 2017 and placed First in girls discus making her the State Champion! She now qualifies for Nationals which will be held in Grand Rapids Michigan on August 5th!

News from Lorna and Wally

Howdy to y'all from Wally and Lorna in Alberta, Canada. I read Scottie’s note and thought as he suggested, that I should write a note about goings on up here in Canada.

We have had much more moisture this year than last and this has bode well for the wildfires that we didn’t get this year. Unfortunately British Columbia (BC) next door has had a lot of wild forest fires, and being downwind, we have experienced quite a bit of smoke in our area. Crops around here are looking good but are perhaps a week later than last year. So we can only hope for our farmers, that the fall weather is better than last year.

Lorna is hanging in and walking two or three 18 hole golf games a week. She still has some back/leg pain but is better off than she was a year ago. And many had heard that I was getting stem cell treatment on my knees. That happened on June 23rd. The entire process took 45 minutes. They extract blood/marrow from your pelvis and put it in a centrifuge. That separates into three layers; white blood cells, stem cells and red blood cells. They throw away what they don’t want and inject the stem cells into the knees while watching an ultrasound. The process is supposed to regenerate cartilage over a 2 to 6 month period. Well, I felt an improvement within a week or two and was supposed to do special exercises after 2 weeks. Then I did something stupid that I had done without problem many times before. You all know the situation. The brain is still young but the body no longer listens that well. I went to an Edmonton Eskimo CFL football game with my son. I needed to go to the central area from my seat and the row in front of us was totally empty. So rather than bother those people in our row, I went over the seat backs in front of us. Well, the seat flipped up and caused a huge bruise on my lower left leg. That shouldn’t have been too bad, but it caused the Cellulitis that I had in my left leg last winter to come back. It was very painful and so the exercising has gone by the way side. But the knees still feel good. I have had intravenous antibiotics for a week and am now on a pill. Progress is slow on my recovery but I hope that it is over soon!

We have a three week motorcycle trip planned with 5 other people to Pagosa, Springs, Colorado and Eden, Utah departing on August 22nd. So I am really hoping we will be able to go. At this stage we haven’t planned for our return to TX, but hope that we can be there in early November again. We hope to drive down this year instead of fly. So if anyone needs a great little vehicle, we have a nice, practical, we'll maintained, blue Jeep Liberty for sale in Weslaco.

Wally and Lorna Bentt, 320

Via email today from Joann Whittington

I so enjoy reading about Leisure World and those who write about what is going on in their lives. Even tho I haven't been there for three seasons what people are doing is interesting. 
  After having open heart surgery in January it has taken a while to get back into a routine. I moved to Friendship Haven 16 months ago, a retirement center in Fort Dodge. There are many programs here you dont need to ever be bored.  I am finally back to exercise three days a week and yoga two days a week.
  We have had lots of hot and humid weather. I have a deck to sit on but when it is too humid to be outside I can walk inside in air conditioning. From my corner apt to the opposite end of this building is 1/4 mile so you can walk 1/2 mile round trip. Plenty of people around to talk to, have coffee and maybe cookie or other goodie.  We have a pool, equipment room, pool tables, card games and other programs you can't possibly do everything.  I knew many of the people already living here and met many more friends.
  There are several areas of quality living, assisted living down to a brand new Alzheimer's unit.  There might be up to 400 persons living at FH and about 300 employees.  Very large and beautiful place. 

  Please keep sharing what is going with you as I enjoy reading all of it.  Thank you. Joann Whittington

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Musings On A Summer Morning

While we have lived in the park since 2003, we haven't always remained home in the summer. Usually we'll get into the motor home and travel hither and yon to visit family, friends, favorite places and a new venue or two.

This summer we have elected to "experience" what summer is really like in the Rio Grande Valley. It has not been disappointing. As you can imagine the park is VERY quiet. Tuesday morning gatherings in the hall have yielded as few as nine of us, whereupon we were all situated around the round table in the corner by the office/copier/sound system room.

To be sure we have had a few discussions, but most of all it has been coffee, donuts and conversation. Some activities has been temporarily discontinued due to lack of participation (see the August calendar which is posted below.) Remember, you can click on it and it will enlarge, and you can even print it out on letter size paper.

Many of you have always thought of this part of the world as being very hot in the summer. Actually it is, and this year it has been exceptionally so according to some who have lived here all their lives. Average Weslaco temperature in July is 97°. We have been hovering around 100° for a good share of the month with nighttime temps in the middle to upper 70's. When the humidity is low, which is part time, the heat is not so bothersome, and easily gotten used to. One doesn't want to spend a lot of time outside during the middle part of the day, but early morning and late evening walks are just fine.

There's been a moderate amount of rain so far and the grass is looking good and growing well. The park is very picturesque. Back to the temps for a moment, while it may sound excruciating, it is not worse that what many of us have experience in Illinois, Iowa and Indiana during most summers. For those of you reading this in other places, why not get on board and tells us what you have been doing this summer. We'd love to hear from you.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Celebration of Life

Dick and I will be heading to Iowa for a few days where we will be attending a Celebration of Life.

Phyllis (Dick) Connett, Trudy (Larry) Hauserman and Carolyn (Larry) Richeson  will be there to the celebration of Life for our oldest brother WILLIE DE JOODE.  Willie passed away this morning at 2:12 AM.  He had just turned 86 on Sunday.  He hasn't been well for awhile and has given up.  Some of you might remember him as years ago him and his wife Lois did winter at Leisure World for a few years.
Willie was a farmer all his life and he was the happiest when he was on his tractor working around the farm.  He was the second born out of us twelve children.  He will be greatly missed by the family as the many, many friends he had.  RIP brother, we love you.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rain in Freeport

Hi to all from Dick and Phyllis.  We have had great weather.  In the past week we have gotten a lot of badly needed rain.  Great but we have to KEEP MOWING....
This picture was taken from our kitchen window looking at the cul-de-sac.  This day it was 3.5" of rain.  Last night got another 4.25" of rain.

These are a couple of pictures around the area where the roads are washed out.
 Shopping center south of town is flooded.

Hope all is doing well in Leisure World.

Summer Traveling

Dick and Phyllis were wagon masters for our RV group this month.  Three others with us to plan the four day weekend in our motor homes.  We had a lot planned for the group and were busy - mainly eating out and touring different places around the Freeport area.  A couple things that the crowd really seem to enjoy was going to the Union Dairy which has been a high light in Freeport for a number of years (ice cream and good sandwiches).  Across the street we took pictures with Senator Douglas and President Lincoln - then we listened to "their" presentation.  It was very interesting to see two men from Freeport play Douglas and Lincoln, which they do every year.  History of the Lincoln/Douglas debate.

  Lincoln in the back row with his tall black hat and Douglas in front.  They do an excellent job of presenting history to the public.  One of our events was playing "our baseball" at the Little Cubs Field here in Freeport.  Those little holes are pretty hard to hit with a small bean bag, but the ladies sure beat the men.
It was a fun weekend.