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Saturday, August 26, 2017


It is Saturday and the morning after Harvey hit the Texas coast. Leisure World and Weslaco were spared! We have had neither rain nor wind (other than our usual normal winds). Many of us expected heavy rain in the neighborhood of 2 - 4 inches, which did not materialize. This morning it is sunny and warm. At the moment of this writing Harvey is about 30 miles west of the city of Victoria. I went out of our house and took the pictures, below, to the north and south on King Palm. Actually we could use some of the rain!

King Palm looking North
King Palm looking South towards 18th Street and the gate

Lois DeHaven

Message from Marilyn Thompson via email from Terry Caywood:

It is with great sadness this evening (Friday) that I am letting my Texas friends know, that Lois DeHaven passed away this afternoon at around 5 pm..  Bob, her husband called to let me know.  She has been really bad for quite some time now.  She did rally a little last weekend so I had drove down to see them both last Monday and so glad I did as she knew me and ate a little for me.  Great friends and I will truly miss her.  Bob's new address is; Bob DeHaven, Carriage Square, 4009 Gene Field Rd., St. JO., MO.   64506.  I know he would enjoy hearing from any of their Texas friends.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Sad AND Happy

The sad news is that our good friend, Dave Slater, passed away last Saturday morning at Drs. Hospital in Edinburg. Carol, Shirley and I were with him during his final moments. David was 85 years old and as most of our Leisure World residents know, has been in poor health for most of this year. A Memorial Service is being planned for the hall and we'll let everyone know when.

One of the last photos of Dave taken when their son, Mike, visited the park last fall.

The happy news is that Carol Slater, who has been undergoing Chemotherapy for Cancer, received a good report today from her Oncologist. What a blessing!

Photo taken today by Beth Staton, presumably following this morning's visit to the doctor.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Carrie/Denver in Africa

Just a little update on "African Journey" from Carrie and Denver:  (Daughter and grandson of Dick and Phyllis Connett)
We made it safe and sound to Accra then about 3.5 hours north to Ho. We have been struggling with internet/phone issues.  We knew God would provide what we need, and He did!
Yesterday we were able to meet with Emma and "grocery shop" for ingredients.
Today we had fellowship in a kitchen...I taught many ladies how to bake cakes! They weren't perfect...but thats okay.  God was present!

We have enjoyed two  evenings at dinner....many of our loved ones together. Fuzzy, Emma, Mabel and baby Princess who we are meeting for the first time! God is good!

Tomorrow morning bright and early we continue our journey to Hohoe. We are beyond excited to catch up with our Ghanaian family there!! We will connect again...
Romans 12:4 Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts.....
Carrie and Denver will be there for three weeks.  

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Off To Africa Again...

Some of  you (our Leisure World friends) have met our daughter Carrie, so thought you might be interested in this article from Dick and Phyllis. 

Carrie Connett Christensen and our grandson Denver McClelland are off again for Africa.  They will be gone for three weeks this time.  They have collected bibles, bible video's for the blind, flip flops, tooth brushes/paste, some lap top computers, jump ropes, (clothing for the pastors family), and other items to give out when they arrive.  They will be helping with the "crops" (corn and yams) and teaching from the Bible.  (Yes they took their boots and gloves)...
They can each have two suitcases weighing 50 lbs a piece, besides a small carry on.  It is rather hard to pack all the "above items" plus their clothing and food that they take.  But, they do manage.  This time, one of the village ladies asked Carrie to show them how to make a cake from scratch, so she is prepared with some cake pans and utensils.  Of course the flour and all ingredients are a little different there, so we wished Carrie Good Luck on her cake baking...  Gucci (Carrie's dog) sitting on the lower left of the picture, knows when mama is leaving, so she is sitting by the suitcases wondering when this is going to happen.  She will sit by the door every day awaiting for their return.
August 2, 2017 off for Africa...(Denver is now 20, and being in college, this might be his last trip to go - see what the future brings...)
Denver is great with the young children, and they love him so much.  Before Carrie and Denver arrive, the children will go by the "house" where Carrie and Denver stay, and they keep asking when is Carrie and Denver going to get there.  This will be Carrie's eighth trip there to spread the word of GOD, Denver has only missed a few.  Below are a few pictures of the family they get in touch with every year and some of the residents in the village(s).
This is Pastor Francis and his family, who Carrie keeps in contact with, and works with when there.
Pastor Francis' wife...

 Carrie will have a "dress" made like the village women wear on "Sunday's".  This way she "fits" in more...
Please pray for Carrie and Denver a safe journey.    

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Were home again..

Dick and I spent a few days back in Iowa again.  We were there for my brothers funeral which was on Friday.  Between 350 and 400 there to view his body and listen to all of the "memories" that had been gathered throughout his 86 years of life.  It was a sad day, but again a happy day to get to see all of the families. 
The remaining "sisters" were each given a red hanky (wearing around our necks) to remember our brother Willie, as he always carried a red hanky (or blue) in his pocket.  Below, another sister who I finally found in the crowd. 
Now there are just six of us siblings left from the twelve. 
Trudy Hauserman, Carolyn Richeson, Phyllis Connett, Don De Joode, Bev Pearson and Barb McGrean.

This day was also a special day for Dick and Phyllis, which was a 55 Anniversary.  Our daughter baked a cake....

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Happy Hour On The Lake

Yesterday we received a call from Lee and Karen Anderson and got caught up on their summer. Seems it hasn't been all that great. Too many visits to Doctors and hospitals, etc. They seem to be in good spirits; however, and for that we are thankful. They are at their lake home in Pine City, but haven't even been able to use their boat parked at their new dock. They are looking forward to coming back to LW in October.

Karen sent us two photos. A good selfie and one of that restful lake setting with their dock.