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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Marriners on the road to Iowa

For the past week we have traveled from the heat and humidity of Weslaco to the cool, drier, and now somewhat wetter climate of Western Iowa to enjoy the company of children, grand children and great grand children. One of our over nights was in Hesston, Kansas where we encountered this picturesque campground.

Upon arriving in Sioux City yesterday we enjoyed a feast at one of the local KFC buffets with the clan.

Today we watched two of the grand children as they played in a soccer game

Our two are the two on the left in center of picture

and this afternoon had a opportunity to send one of the older granddaughters off on her first homecoming dance.

but not before her mom and older sister made sure she was "perfect"!

October Park Resident Calendar

Continuing the Blog

Dick & Phyllis Connett, with a second from Rita & Scott Boyd, have advanced the premise that our Leisure World Blog continues in honor of our late friend, Dave Slater. As many of you know it was David who initiated this blog and was its sole administrator. In the months prior to his death Dave asked me to help him in a number of endeavors including assisting his wife, Carol, with accessing the internet so that their bills could be paid on time and sufficient funds were in their bank account. Following his passing, I have continued helping Carol, and working with her family to make sure all facets of her life are covered. In this process I have accessed David's administrative account and now control it.

There is no question in my mind that I'd like to see the blog continued, and am happy to carry on Dave's legacy. The one thing that we all need to do is to place our photos, thoughts and whatever else on the blog. So many of our Leisure World residents only post to Facebook. Unfortunately Facebook is not seen by all of our residents, so it would be so helpful if those of you who post there would also put your good info on the blog. Participation is the key.

If you are a Leisure World resident, and not a contributor to the blog, all you need to do is to send me a request to be included and I will set you up. My email address is Whether I am at home or away, I can perform the administrative duties. So, let's hear from you!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Family Gathering

Saturday, the Connett family all gathered in Freeport for a relaxing and fun day.  Can't believe how our family has (is) growing.  We had twelve plus an extra one this year (one grandson's girlfriend) and we had a great time.  We went out for dinner, played some games and of course ate, ate, and ate more.
Daughter Carrie with her family came in from Iowa, and other daughter Lynsley with her family came in from Wisconsin.   Below picture is just the grandchildren with grandpa and grandma.  Kids are all grown up now.
 Our "new" grandson with granddaughter Danielle from Wisconsin, Grandma and Grandpa Connett and grandson Dakota from Iowa, middle row are our two grandsons, Joseph and Nick from Wisconsin and in front grandson Denver from Iowa.  We always enjoy getting together with them all.
While they were all here, we put them to work....  Yep, putting in a new mailbox post.  "Someone" hit the post and didn't bother to stop to tell us (imagine that), so had to get a new post and re-set the mailbox.  Thanks to our son-in-law Chris and new grandson Paul.  Dick got to supervise.

Is It Really Fall Already

Can't believe it is Fall already, but the temperatures are still in the higher 80's and lower 90's.  Would like to keep this blog going in honor of Dave Slater who started this blog.  How about it people - anybody agree?  Hope all is doing well.  Have a great day.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Another Mother

Per Janice Vizcarra's request, I am posting this message.  The morning of Saturday, September 9th, Carlos Vizcarra's mother passed away due to complications from back surgery.  She was a young 85 years.  Carlos resides at Leisure World - Lot 25.  We send our love and sympathy to Carlos and his family.  Janice is a daughter to Annesta and Jessie Bennett.