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Saturday, December 29, 2018

January Activities Calender

Posted above is the revised version of the January Activities Calendar. It corrects the error on Sunday, January 13th wherein the December Christmas Party was accidentally shown instead of Card Bingo at 4 pm. If you find any other errors, please bring them to our attention. It can be re-printed from the picture above. Scotty--

Monday, December 17, 2018

December Calendar

Hi Y'all…
There have been a few revisions to the December Activities Calendar. They are reflected in this document, which you are free to print out. Although it is legal size, 8½" x 14", it will also print on a standard 8½" x 11" letter sized sheet.

Monday, December 10, 2018

For Rent

For Rent   420 Saga Palm. See Classified section below.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Another shuffle season is well underway.  More shufflers are showing up as residents are coming into the park every day.  I want to thank all who helped with the Don Johnk Memorial tournament.  We were a little short handed but folks stepped up and did double duty to ensure a successful tournament.
Our tournament shufflers have done quite well this season.  We have four tournaments in the rear view mirror and four trophy winners.  Galen & Mary McCrary placed fourth in the main at the Don Johnk Memorial tournament and placed third in the main at the Alamo Palms tournament.  Clarence Thomas places fourth in consolation at the Casa De Valle singles tournament.  Galen and Clarence took second in the main at the Siesta Village doubles tournament.  Jack Fisher and Jean Gruver placed third in expert consolation at the Don Johnk Memorial tournament. 
We have had a few come to lessons on Thursday mornings to learn the basics of this fun game.  We encourage more of you to give it a try.  Thanks to Dan Foxhoven, Clarence Thomas, Galen and Mary McCrary and Carol Johnk for helping with lessons.   Friendly shuffle is held Monday and Wednesday at 9 AM.  We have hoss collar Saturday morning at 9:30.  On Fridays we have been going to Friendly Fridays with Siesta Village, Ranchero, Trails End, Country Sunshine and Southern Comfort.  The Friendly Fridays have been a lot of fun and gives us an opportunity to play others shufflers in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Bentt Motorcycle Voyage and Meeting with Old Texas Friends

Lorna and I and three other couples completed a wonderful motorcycle trip to Tennessee, North Carolina and Missouri. We did the motorcycle rally ‘WingDing 40’ in Knoxville, TN for four days. From there we spent a week in Fontana Village Resort in North Carolina. This is minutes away from one of the world’s best motorcycling road called ‘Tail of the Dragon’. Fabulous riding all over this area but the ‘Tail’ is really beyond comprehension. It has 318 corners in 11 miles and climbs and drops over 1,100 feet in the process. Then we spent a week in Hollister, Missouri just outside Branson. Southern Missouri and northern Arkansas is also great riding country. The total trip was over 27 days and covered 6.515 miles or 10,585 kilometers.

Along our way we hooked up with some old friends from the Rio Grande Valley. 

Our first visit was to see Fran Bell from Alexandria, MN. Fran and two daughters greeted us with coffee and goodies and some great reminiscing. Fran and her late husband Jack wintered in Leisure World’s for many years on Palm Way, better known as the Alley. Fran, by the way, is a diligent watcher of the Leisure World Blog.

Then we hooked up with Stan and Sandi Quinn in Hendersonville, NC. These two spent several years in Leisure World before moving to Siesta Village. Both of them were huge into shuffleboard and I attribute much of my love of the game to coaching from Stan. They now live full time in NC and are still big into shuffling in that state.

We tried to connect with Mike and Karen Myers in Springfield, MO but they had a commitment in Kansas City. We did however have a nice phone call with them. They lost their park model 333 in Leisure World due to the flood. They hope to return to the RGV this winter but will rent somewhere in the valley.

On our return trip we hooked up with Ray and Denise Burnell in Richer, Manitoba. They were having a huge party on their farm but invited us to join them for a great breakfast and lots of reminiscing. It was so nice to see them again.

Finally we visited Betty Wikdahl in Winnepeg, Manitoba. Betty was my tournament shuffleboard mixed partner for 5 years. Many Leisure Worlder’s may remember watching her and I play in the two Leisure World tournaments from 2011 to 2015. Betty was a terror on the courts and so much fun to have as a partner.

We also had Janet Doerkson on our visit list, however Janet was enjoying a vacation to Prince Edward Island.

Lorna and I did do shuffleboard over the summer here at a curling rink in Edmonton. They put 12 plastic courts down on the curling rink floor. They are much faster than our Leisure World courts so it took some adapting to get the speed down. We wish Laverne Soetebier and all of the Leisure World shufflers a great winter season.

It is so sad to hear of all of the units being pulled out of Leisure World due to the flood damage. We doubt that we will get to south Texas this winter, but are hoping we can spend part of the winter in Arizona.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Thank you from Priscilla

    Thanks to all of you who sent cards and calls of condolence to me on the passing of my dear father! I am so grateful for all the words of sympathy and encouragement! I really appreciate your kindness!

Priscilla Gonzalez

Monday, September 17, 2018

Welcome Y'all - It's almost Fall!

The Welcome Mat is out. We're looking for you!

Our resident decorating guru, Judy Hukill, has been busy. See her other decorations elsewhere in the park.

Updates on Open Spaces

Last Friday, September 14th, we were riding around the park with camera in hand and captured these photos of the many Open Spaces we all now see.

On Pindo Palm looking to the Northwest corner of LW. One of the "Hilton" units can be seen in the background. Camera located at 513 the home of Jesse & Annesta Bennett.

From the middle of Palmetto Palm Drive looking towards the Rec Hall. You can just barely see Wally B's place on the extreme left.

Looking south on King Palm from the corner at Pindo Palm
Looking south towards the gate on Queen Palm. The RV storage area is on the right.
The other side of Queen Palm looking toward the office and gate.

On Palm Blvd. in front of the office. Note the orange band on the palm tree in the center of the picture. This marks the water level during the flood. Rob & Marybeth Chandler's home, 157, was across the street where you see the remnant of the patio cover.
Looking south on Queen Palm from the office. Lots of open space!
The open space between the office and Mary Davis' place, Lot 150. Look closely and see the flood water level marked by the orange band on the light pole towards the right hand side of the picture. 

Carol Slater

Dear Leisure World Friends,

    It has been brought to my attention that I did not let you know that our dear friend, Carol Slater, passed away several weeks ago. Please forgive me for the oversight. Upon receiving the call of her passing, I immediately got on the phone to a number of people to let them know and completely overlooked the blog.

    As you may remember we had a farewell party for Carol on March 10th during the time her daughter Lynn and family were here to help her move to their home in Sioux City, Iowa. We had the pleasure of visiting with Carol in Sioux City on three occasions during the May to July time frame. She was always happy to see us and was peaceful with her new surroundings.

    The Sioux City Journal carried a brief announcement that Carol had "died on August 19, 2018 at home with her family following multiple battles with cancer."

Photo taken during farewell party on March 10, 2018. L-R: daughter Lynn Miles, grandson Jordan, Carol, Matt's daughter, Tori Miles and Lynn's husband, Matt Miles.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Pictorial Directory available

The Leisure World Pictorial Directory has arrived. Residents, who are pictured, may obtain a free copy by contacting Scotty Marriner at Lot 221. They are also available at the Tuesday Park Meeting in the Hall. There are extra copies and they will be made available after participating residents have received their copy. Contact Scotty to place your name on the "extra" list.

Hilton Becomes History

One of the casualties of the June flood was the apartments affectionately known as "The Hilton". Workers are in the process of dismantling them and removing the units from the park as caught by our camera yesterday. Most, but not all, of the flood damaged mobiles and park models have been removed and clean-up continues.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Neighborhood Watch

Two members of the Weslaco Police Department attended the weekly LW Association Park meeting on Tuesday, August 21st. They answered questions about how to contact the police and what to do if we saw someone in the park who did not belong here. A Neighborhood Watch may be formed to assist in this process. The officers furnished literature to all present. Garie Smith has agreed to become the coordinator  for the park and will be convening a group in the near future.

The officers asked for a photo of our Tuesday group for their Facebook page. We turned the tables on them and got a photo of the group with the officers in it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Flood Update

The Blog has received requests for information regarding the condition of the park, etc. in the aftermath of the June 20th flood. Yesterday, August 7th, Antonio Lopez, LP, Emergency Manager, City Of Weslaco, Office of Emergency Management, who is in addition the Fire Chief for the Weslaco Fire Department, spoke to residents during our regular Tuesday meeting. He did describe the steps that are being taken by the City of Weslaco to clean out the flood way that exits on the Northwest corner of Leisure World.

For those coming into Leisure World, there is little change in appearance. The flood covered a goodly share of the park on the North end all the way South to approximately midway between the park office and the entrance gate. Most of those homes were flooded and are in the process of being removed. Once they are gone it will look pretty empty in the Northwest sector. I will take a few pictures soon and post them for you to see. Homes on the Northeast corner (the Hill) of the park were spared as were homes along Sago Palm, Palm Way (the alley), and some on Palmetto Palm Drive.

At this point in time, the debris from inside the flooded homes has been picked up and it is only the mobiles that are no longer habitable and awaiting removal that remain.

Friday, July 20, 2018

All the residents of Leisure World that are dealing with the after effects of the June 20 flooding have been in our thoughts and prayers.  I don't want to add any additional work to the tasks you are already doing.  But I, and I am sure many other winter residents, would really appreciate a brief update on how things are going with the clean up and repair.  I know that some have relocated within the park and some have made the decision to give up their LW home.  Thanks for any news that you can give us.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Vena Louze

We wish we had better news to report at this time from Leisure World...

Yesterday, July 7th, there was a bad accident at the park.  Verna ACCIDENTLY was backed over by a car and was killed.

Verna had lost her trailer due to the flooding at the park.  Chris Ritenour carried Verna to her other home there in the park as the water was so high.  He also worked very hard helping so many people, including Verna to gather some of her belongings to her other trailer when the accident happened.  Marian Smith (Verna's sister) arrived at the park just a few days ago to help her sister out also when this happened.

Exactly one month ago, June 7th, Verna lost her long time friend Roger Gallea.

So sad to post this news.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

For Sale
Lot 129 Queen Palm, 14 x 73 Schult mobile home. 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 with walk-in shower,  fully furnished.  Two pantries in kitchen with pull out shelves.  Includes golf cart with new batteries last winter and also two 3 wheel bikes.  Golf cart fits in shed with overhead door.  Asking $26,000.  Call Char at 515-341-2368 if interested.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Lloyd Walker

On Facebook Mary Gainer shared a photo (from Lloyd's daughter - Denise Cradeur Walker) of Lloyd Walker in his new home in LA.  I (Phyllis Connett) thought people might enjoy seeing where Lloyd is now living so decided to repost his new address.  Let's bombard Lloyd with some cards now and then so he won't forget his Leisure World friends.  Anyone with me???

Lloyd Walker
3978 Natali St.
Lake Charles, LA

I'm sure Carol could use some encouragement also.....

Carol J. Slater
2017 Howard St.
Sioux City, IA.   51104

There will be other's that have also moved away and we will try to get that information as we can.  

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Angels Working Together

Every day at the rec hall, a delicious lunch was  being prepared to help out the flood victims at Leisure World.  Thanks to all those who so graciously gave their time to help in this process.  Thanks to What-a- burger for the sandwiches and thanks to Wal-mart for giving us a break on the food bill and all the delicious donuts from HEB.   You are all angels and we apprec iated the delicious meal, friendship and not having to stop working on our "messes" to prepare food for ourselves.  God does provide.

Thanks George, Connie and Darlene  (and so many others that are not in this picture.)
Thanks to Pat and Ray LaFoe for all the pizza.

 Denny and Luke Hejlik was trying to help residents with their air conditioning problems.  Sandy for doing laundry for anyone who needed, Judy and Elizabeth for arranging the church help to come in.  Rita for finding places for flood victims to stay while cleaning up.  I know I have not named all but thanks to all of you.  
Yolanda and Robert, Louie and Carrie helping Marilyn with some moving items.

Didn't get a lot of pictures here in this department, but so many angels were helping other angels with all that needed to be done.  Heard that some of those who were thinking of "giving up" have changed their minds and have already purchased a "new" home for themselves to come to this fall.   BIG THANKS FOR ALL OF THE HELP EVERYONE.  GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Leisure World Park Flooding

Just a few pictures of some of the residents home in Leisure World.  It has been quite a few sad days to watch and see what is taking place here in the park.  So many have come from the north to take care of the "damages" and those who live permanently here in the park, are cleaning up the "mess".  Many trailers will be taken from the park and many of our friends will not be able to return.  So very sad.

Helen Motts

 water levels on trailer

 Golf carts lost

 Mold already starting in.

Cracked foundations

This is only a glimpse of the "mess" which residents are working with.  Residents are exhausted but keep smiling.  So many outsiders are here to help.

Leisure World Park Notice

I was asked to put some information on the blog in hope it might help some.

For those who have damage to their motor homes, following are a few numbers you might want to call to report the damage.  They are available from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Reporting your damage will help get financial help in Hidalgo County.  Please take a lot of pictures as this will help.  Fema will be in the area on Wednesday and Thursday.  Not sure how you contact them but it was suggested to watch the news media for updates.

If you want information from the city the website is

In getting rid of debris you can contact Loren Dyes, Crowd Source Rescue for help - 956-222-0368.
The Church of Christ Disaster Response Team is willing to help - 937-308-7593.  The First Baptist Church are also willing to help with cleanup.  The website is and look for the "clean-up" on the website.

Hope this information will be of use for all.

Lloyd Walker

The Leisure World flood has effected so many. One of our friends, 95 year old Lloyd Walker, has lost everything.  Because of this his son has moved him to Louisiana. Here is his contact information if you would like to send him a note or card:

Lloyd Walker
3978 Natali St.
Lake Charles, LA

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Phyllis's nieces Sandie and Marcia, sister Barb, daughters Carrie and Lynsley and sitting in front is niece Katie, granddaughter Danielle and myself.  

Niece Marcia Miller planned a get-to-gather for anyone who was interested to come and paint with her at Board and Brush in Clive, Iowa.  So on June 1, 2018, there were eight of us who didn't know what we were in for but we had a blast making our signs.  AND we all did a pretty good job.  It was so much fun that Marcia says we've gotta do this again.   We need to do this at Leisure World....  What do you think Judy Hukill???

Willie Bears

My oldest brother (William A. De Joode) passed away in July of 2017.  His oldest daughter (Sandie) purchased bears and sent to me (Phyllis) with Willie's old bib overalls and some of his favorite shirts.  Phyllis then got busy while at Leisure World and dressed 25 bears in bibs and shirts.

My Little Teddy Bear
With His Cute Little Face,
Just A Memory of Willie,
Who has gone to a better place.
At the 2018 De Joode  Family Reunion, the bears were given to Willie's grandchildren AND
to Willie's remaining sisters and brother for a keepsake.
We love our little "Willie Bear"

Trudy, Carolyn, Phyllis, Don, Beverly and Barbara.