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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Report on Wally Bentt

We just thought we would drop in with some news of what is happening up here in Canada.

Things were going along well with the healing after the aneurism surgery at the back of his left leg. Healing of the incision scar was slow because it passes directly behind the knee joint. Every step one take is flexing that scar. And so he got a staff infection under the incision which causes a big swelling, ugly redness and pain. So into the ER on February 4 where we spent from 1:30pm to 10:45. After testing and ultrasounds they put him under and drained the abscess. He was on 2 times a day IV antibiotics for three days, then daily since then until Thursday February 22. Round trip to the IV clinic in the Grey Nun’s hospital is 18 to 22 miles depending on which route he takes to the hospital. On Thursday the 22nd they inserted a PICC line into him. This is placed inside a vein in the upper arm then is pushed inside that vein to the top of the heart. From now on his IV drugs are pumped into his blood stream three times daily through the PICC by using an electronic pump. The pump and IV bag are with him all the time and are located in a fanny pack. He is tethered to this pump until his doctor says otherwise. The good thing about this is that he picks up the IV drug bags once a week and we do everything else at home instead of driving somewhere. It sounds bad to be always connected but he is finding it not all that bad. He carries it around when he is walking about, but can put it on a table or desk when sitting, or on the bedside table while he is sleeping.
He has had a CT scan and a white blood study. The white blood cell study was very interesting. They removed 40ml of blood from him. They put this in a centrifuge to separate the white blood cells from the rest. They then tag these white blood cells with radioactive material and inject 7ml back into him. Then he had three sessions of an hour or more on the Gamma Camera which is similar in size to a MRI machine. This is sensitive to Gamma Radiation and so doctors can see where the white blood cells are going. White cells are the ones who attack the bad things inside your body. So the camera shows where they are gathering to fight infections, etc. 
So he seen his surgeon on Feb 28 and the news is not good. The white blood cell study showed that the infection has gotten into the graft on the artery. The Doc gave us a couple of options but the one he recommended was as follows. He would do two operations on the same day. One would remove a piece of vein on the side of the leg. The other would open where the artery was repaired and bypass that area with the piece of the vein. He said it would be about a 5 hour operation.
Here is an interesting observation about the Canadian socialized medical system. So far all this hasn’t cost us a cent. And things are handled very quickly when they are needed. Yes, we have waiting lists for elective surgeries such as knees and hips, but they do eventually get done. After our deal with the cellulitis in Texas this past winter we would have to say that all of the surgery, tests and medications that have been administered thus far would have cost well over a million dollars in Texas. And all of the doctors, nurses and other staff have been nothing short of incredible. You Americans can keep your system! And any Canadians reading this should be very thankful.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

Prayer needs:

Rayma Bitters nephew, Jerry Jarvis, passed away.
Rayma will be having some surgery on her eye due to a bleed when she had fallen.

Jewett Powers has a broken bone in her foot which makes it difficult to get around.

Carol Slater has made the decision to move to Iowa to live with a daughter and family.  Keep her in your prayers as she makes preparations and the transition.

Charles Belcher consulted with his doctors on his aortic aneurysm and the decision was made to just continue watching it.  

                           To contact Pastor Charles Belcher call:  210-464-3907

Friday, February 23, 2018

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

Prayers for the following:

Phillys Connett asks for prayers for her sister Trudy Hauserman, who is having eye problems. Due to the cornea being damaged, she had an amniotic membrane graft in one eye. The graft did not work so now they will try it in the other eye. This is where they replace a damaged cornea.
Trudy and Larry Hauserrman were winter residents of Leisure World a few years ago.

Mary Beth Chandler had a difficult breathing spell and was taken to the hospital. She is home and will continue with a cardiologist to get to the bottom of the problem.

Rayma Bitters' nephew, Jerry, is still in serious condition.

Rick Kleen reported his mother, Charlotte Kleen, had a pacemaker put in and is doing ok.

Jim Staton's son Tony is have problems with the after effects of his cancer treatments. His cancer is dormant.

Don and Darla Angelbeck in unit 114 continue to struggle with their health problems.

Leisure World Sisters "Party"

Each year the Leisure World "Blood" Sisters have a gathering "JUST FOR FUN".  This year on
Thursday, February 22nd, the Sisters gathered at "Tea with Friends" in Weslaco, Texas.  We had 13 sisters who joined each other with stories about themselves and growing up.  We were encouraged to wear our "hats".
Lindy Lemke and Sandy Hejlik (sisters) were in charge of the tea for this year.   Lindy and Sandy presented "Things about Tea" and those with the correct answer received a "hanky" to share with their sister.  What great sisters - they kept us all laughing... 
 Sisters were not in order....  but standing from left are Vicki Konya, Betty Hanson, Maryann Gathje, Verna Louze, Lindy Lemki, Sandy Hejlik, Marian Smith, Phyllis Johnk, and Bobbi Rising.  Seated in front Nola Burchell, Phyllis Connett, Annesta Bennett and Hazel Oachs.
From the menu, each ordered a sandwich and soup.  Pictured -  our dessert.  Yum, Yum...
There were other sisters in the park that had conflictions, but hopefully next year we'll have them join us once again.   Thanks to Lindy and Sandy for a fun day.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Quilt Show - Thursday February 15th

2018 Raffle Quilt

Valentine Party - Sunday February 11th

Mary LaFaive made sure Leisure World had a Valentine Party this year. Thank you Mary.

Phyllis Connett was MC
Entertainment included the park's own "Minnie Pearl" Mary Casey

Jim Staton serenaded us...

...including a surprise duet with Mary Gainer
Y'all missed a great dessert if you didn't show!

All the Helpers and Servers took a bow to the applause of everyone

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

Prayer needs:

Rayma Bitters nephew Jerry Jarvis had a stroke.  He lives in Semi Valley, CA.

Charlie and Linda  Belcher's granddaughter Paris and husband Vladimir house burned.  They have 5 children. All got out OK, but all was lost.


Rayma is home from the hospital.

Jeanette Greve Thompson's daughter-in-law Rachael Greve, stationed in Germany, was promoted to Lt. Coronal.  She has put in for retirement and they will be back in the states this fall.

Darrel Bergemann had aorta valve replacement last Tues at 1:00 and went home from the hospital 1:00 on Wed.  The surgery went very well. He is feeling much better. He and Mary thank everyone for their prayers.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Thank You From Watkins Family

We were all so grateful for all the concern and compassion that was shown to us.
Everyone helped in the Celebration of Life for my husband, Bob Watkins, on January 24th and it was so much appreciated. It could not have been a better celebration of his life.

All the wonderful meals and gifts you gave me and my family turned out so great and I was so thankful. I miss my husband a lot but he suffered so much and for so long he has been ready to go for a quite some time.

With so Much Love and Thanks
Thelma Watkins

Posted by request of the Watkins family.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Super Bowl

Several Leisure World residents met at the Rec Hall and shared a cup of beans, hot dogs and chips while watching the Super Bowl on the big screen.
Thanks to all who worked so hard in preparing for the event.

 Eating and enjoying the game...
Philadelphia Eagles 41 - New England Patriots 33.  The Philadelphia Eagles winning their first Super Bowl Title.  It was exciting to watch with friends at the Rec. Hall.

Pickle Ball

What in the world is Pickle Ball some might ask....

Pickle ball is a paddle sport (similar to a racquet sport) that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis.  Two, three, or four players use solid paddles made of wood or composite materials to hit a perforated polymer ball, similar to a whiffle ball, over a net....

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, you can meet a friend (or make a new friend) at the Leisure World Rec Hall where some of our "professionals" have a net set up ready for you to jump in and play.
AND, you don't have to be right handed, we have four players here that are left handed and pretty darn good at hitting that ball back across that net.....  Mary, Tom, Barry and Judy

 Sitting on the sideline waiting their turn...
They are "daring" friends to come out and play the game with them....

Oh What Fun

Oh What Fun We Have - meeting in the Leisure World Kitchen to prepare for some event coming up.  This particular evening these ladies had a "blast" as they were preparing little cowboy hats for the Ho-Down event.  The little hats start with a pringle chip, dip a Rollo in chocolate and put on top and then wrap a piece of licorice around the Rollo -
Sherry, Sandi, Joan E., Bev, Claudia, Jan, Judy, Phyllis and Diane.....

Whoopee, you have an edible cowboy hat.  Well, they may not look like we thought they would, but we did have fun making them....

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns:

Prayers are need for the following:

Pastor Charles Belcher had surgery Jan 31st to repair a leak in a graft that was done on the aorta last May.  However, there was no leak there.  There is a small leak feeding the aneurism from the outside. Dr. consultations will be needed to give Charlie his options.

Lloyd walker is having health problems and needs our prayers.

Don and Darla Angelbeck , park residents in unit 114, are having multiple health issues.

Wayne Hand was in the hospital, but is home and still having some problems.

Hanna Smith is in Rehab on 18th St., Room 309. She has had pneumonia, and would like visitors.

Lavonne Rude is home and doing well.  She is continuing with speech therapy.

Rayma Bitters fell and is recovering at home. Visitors are welcome.


Mary Gainer's son spent 6 days in Leisure World visiting Mary and Stan.

Cindy Dorsey's granddaughter is visiting Cindy and Tom.

Marj Herbig's niece was here visiting and will be a park resident next year.

                                To contact Pastor Charles phone   210 464 3907.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Valentine Tree

Each month (with the help of Dick Connett), Judy Hukill and Phyllis Connett decorate the ANNEX tree for the month.  February is Valentine month, so you will see a lot of old fashioned valentine cards and red hearts on the tree.

Dick was putting strings on the valentines, and in walks our Maintenance Man Freddie, he picks up one of our roses to put on the tree and presented a Happy Valentine Gift to Dick.  Boy, what a great man....  Happy Valentines to everyone...

Red Hat Gathering

On Wednesday, February 31st, several Ladies of Leisure visited the Valley Nature Center in Weslaco, Texas.  
Listening to our guides and viewing the "creatures" behind the glass.
Some "creatures" were in hand to touch, but for me behind the glass was better...  Mary Shea is smiling but she isn't looking at the snake either...

Niki (Joan E Miller's daughter-in-law) better watch as something on her left shoulder is watching her...
  Humm -
now if only I could reach, I would look good in that beautiful red hat with my bushy tail....
Along the trail were several different berries that were edible, but this small berry was once used for the women to smash and use the red juice to brighten up their checks.  Norma Forest says - Oh Really!  We did try it....
There were hundreds of turtles and when they heard us coming they all came close to the bridge.  They were use to the school children coming to feed them.  And wouldn't you know - we didn't have any food - we were just old Red Hat Ladies...
The below turtle was the cutest turtle, and she didn't get fed either!  But Mary Ferguson was having a great time.

Some of us had to take a few minutes to rest.  We were pretty much slower than the turtles.
A lot of branches placed on the front of this deck.  It was to give you an idea of what it might be like to be a bird.  Viewing from the bird nest in a birds eye mind.
Have you ever heard of a Red Hat Bird?   - Now you have...
Connie and Ellen in front look like they are trying to take off in flight like a bird.  After this fun adventure we all went to the new BBQ place on 18th street.  Just another fun day for the crazy Red Hat Ladies.