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Monday, March 26, 2018

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

Prayers are needed for the following:

Kathy Werden is in the hospital recovering from a stroke. She is doing well and may be transferred to rehab to finish recuperating.  We wish her a speedy and complete recovery.

Jack Fisher is still dealing with health issues.

Wally Bentt is experiencing slow recovery with his leg.  Keep him and Lorna in your prayers.

Jerry and Diane Cantu are traveling back to Illinois.  We wish them a safe trip.

Safe travel wishes to all who are heading home in the next days and weeks.  Please keep all our Leisure World Friends in your prayers that we may gather together again next season.

                                  To contact Pastor Belcher call: 210-464-3907.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Thursday evening Scott & Rita Boyd hosted a moonshine shuffle party at the shuffleboard courts.  Complete with munchies and adult beverages, the shuffle party afforded folks an opportunity to try their hand at shuffle without being intimidated by the "regular shufflers".  There were many first timers along with a few experienced shufflers to show them the basics.  From the smiles and laughter, it appeared the event was a success.  
I hope that some that tried their hand at it will come to our regularly scheduled shuffle next season.  The beauty of shuffle is that you can be as serious and competitive or not as you want to be.  Not all of our shufflers are tournament shufflers, but many find they do enjoy the competition.  And if this moonshine shuffle party is something you would like to see continued next fall, let us know and we will see what we can work out.  Thank you Scott & Rita for taking the lead on this. 

The quilters took on a new project after our quilt show.  We made barn quilts to take back to our homes up north or to put on our units in Leisure World.  We also made the large sampler block that will be affixed to the north side of the annex.  Great job ladies, the blocks are very colorful and are composed of many different quilt block patterns.
From left to right the quilter and block pattern are Carolyn Cornelius - friendship star, Laverne Soetebier - hourglass, Mary Shea - slip knot, Sherry Petrie - rail fence, Diane Cantu - windmill, Jan Larson - zig zag arrow and Connie Garrels - maple leaf.  The patterns on the sample upper left to bottom right are split nine patch, slip knot, card trick and friendship star.  Others also made barn quilts but they were already on their way north before we took the picture.  It was a fun project.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

Please keep the following park residents in your prayers:

Betty Dixon,  Mel and Darlene Herrmann,  Dave Hukill,  Jack Fisher,  Mary LaFaive,  Wally Bentt.

Pastor Charles Belcher has a second aneurysm in the thorax area.  He is consulting with Dr.'s.

Rayma Bitter's son is traveling down to drive her home.


Darold Bergemann thanks everyone for their prayers and good wishes.  He is doing very well.

Mary Gainer's niece Susan's lung issue may be scar tissue and biopsies of the last lymph nodes tested we benign.

Laverne and John Soetebier's grandson has been selected to play in the "Shrine Bowl" for the state of Kansas.

Jesse and Annesta Bennett celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary Friday .

                                           To contact Pastor Belcher call:  210-464-3907.
Another shuffleboard season has come and gone.  Once we made it into February the weather started cooperating and our numbers increased.  Before February 1, we had missed 14 days due to wet or cold and shuffled 18 days.  And on some of those days that we shuffled only the bravest souls showed up.  After February 1, we only missed one day due to wet or cold.
Our amateur shufflers continued to do quite well in the tournaments.  Clarence Thomas won 1st in consolation at the Snow to Sun over 75 singles and Galen and Mary McCrary won 2nd in consolation at the Ranchero mixed doubles.  Unfortunately our expert shufflers came up a little short in the tournaments although they were quite close a couple of times.
We wrapped up the season with hoss collar followed by lunch and beverages on March 17.  I want to thank everyone that helped during the season with getting pucks and mats out, collecting for 50/50, polishing pucks, washing the boards or doing any of the other tasks required.  Thanks to Clarence and Galen for giving lessons.  I look forward to seeing you all next season.  Have a great summer.

Friday, March 16, 2018

RGV Senior Olympics - 2018

The event was the Rio Grand Valley Senior Olympics speed walk
L-R: Wayne Oachs, Gold Medal; Dan Anderson, Gold Medal; Carolyn Cornelious "CC", Bronze Medal, and Denny Hejlik, Silver Medal.
Thanks to Dan Anderson for the photo and info.

Senior Prom

Leisure World's "Senior " Prom  was held Feb. 28.  Photo spots included a Van Gough mural of his famous painting "Starry Nights", which was the theme of the prom, a crescent moon and stars seat and there were stars and streamers galore.  Spotlights shown on a 1966 classic Chrysler convertible that was provided by Don Chesney of Country Sunshine Resort .  MC Express provided the music and entertainment.

Connie Little was crowned Prom Queen and Larry Konya Prom King.

Door prizes were drawn every half hour.  Punch and chocolate fountain provided guests with an opportunity to whet their sweet tooth.  A good time was had by all.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Golf Fun Day

The annual Golf Fun Day was held March 8 at Tierra Santa. The winners of the course events were longest drive: Howard Kinney and Ruth Bigler, closest to the pin:Mike Myers and Karen Myers, and longest putt: Carl Mitchell and Terry Caywood. After lunch prizes were awarded to all participants. Fun was had by all.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Leisure World Chapel: Prayers and Concerns

Travel prayers for Earl and Betty Dixon as they return to Michigan.  Betty has an important Dr.'s appointment to check her knee. Pray that the Dr. is able to help her and all will go well.

                                       To contact Pastor Belcher call  210-464-3907.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Leisure World Chapel: Joys and Concerns

Prayers for Carol Slater. She had a TIA, but is home and making arrangements to move to Iowa with her daughter. Dave and Carol were residents of Leisure World for many years. Dave passed away last fall and Carol has health issues.   We wish her God's Grace and Comfort in the coming weeks.

Prayers for Charlie Belcher as he battles congestion and ear infection.  We wish him a speedy

Rayma Bitters thanks everyone for their prayers and concerns for her recent medical issues and on the loss of her nephew.   She is improving and will be heading North earlier this year.

                                         To contact Pastor Belcher call:  210 464 3907.