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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Neighborhood Watch

Two members of the Weslaco Police Department attended the weekly LW Association Park meeting on Tuesday, August 21st. They answered questions about how to contact the police and what to do if we saw someone in the park who did not belong here. A Neighborhood Watch may be formed to assist in this process. The officers furnished literature to all present. Garie Smith has agreed to become the coordinator  for the park and will be convening a group in the near future.

The officers asked for a photo of our Tuesday group for their Facebook page. We turned the tables on them and got a photo of the group with the officers in it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Flood Update

The Blog has received requests for information regarding the condition of the park, etc. in the aftermath of the June 20th flood. Yesterday, August 7th, Antonio Lopez, LP, Emergency Manager, City Of Weslaco, Office of Emergency Management, who is in addition the Fire Chief for the Weslaco Fire Department, spoke to residents during our regular Tuesday meeting. He did describe the steps that are being taken by the City of Weslaco to clean out the flood way that exits on the Northwest corner of Leisure World.

For those coming into Leisure World, there is little change in appearance. The flood covered a goodly share of the park on the North end all the way South to approximately midway between the park office and the entrance gate. Most of those homes were flooded and are in the process of being removed. Once they are gone it will look pretty empty in the Northwest sector. I will take a few pictures soon and post them for you to see. Homes on the Northeast corner (the Hill) of the park were spared as were homes along Sago Palm, Palm Way (the alley), and some on Palmetto Palm Drive.

At this point in time, the debris from inside the flooded homes has been picked up and it is only the mobiles that are no longer habitable and awaiting removal that remain.