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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Bentt Motorcycle Voyage and Meeting with Old Texas Friends

Lorna and I and three other couples completed a wonderful motorcycle trip to Tennessee, North Carolina and Missouri. We did the motorcycle rally ‘WingDing 40’ in Knoxville, TN for four days. From there we spent a week in Fontana Village Resort in North Carolina. This is minutes away from one of the world’s best motorcycling road called ‘Tail of the Dragon’. Fabulous riding all over this area but the ‘Tail’ is really beyond comprehension. It has 318 corners in 11 miles and climbs and drops over 1,100 feet in the process. Then we spent a week in Hollister, Missouri just outside Branson. Southern Missouri and northern Arkansas is also great riding country. The total trip was over 27 days and covered 6.515 miles or 10,585 kilometers.

Along our way we hooked up with some old friends from the Rio Grande Valley. 

Our first visit was to see Fran Bell from Alexandria, MN. Fran and two daughters greeted us with coffee and goodies and some great reminiscing. Fran and her late husband Jack wintered in Leisure World’s for many years on Palm Way, better known as the Alley. Fran, by the way, is a diligent watcher of the Leisure World Blog.

Then we hooked up with Stan and Sandi Quinn in Hendersonville, NC. These two spent several years in Leisure World before moving to Siesta Village. Both of them were huge into shuffleboard and I attribute much of my love of the game to coaching from Stan. They now live full time in NC and are still big into shuffling in that state.

We tried to connect with Mike and Karen Myers in Springfield, MO but they had a commitment in Kansas City. We did however have a nice phone call with them. They lost their park model 333 in Leisure World due to the flood. They hope to return to the RGV this winter but will rent somewhere in the valley.

On our return trip we hooked up with Ray and Denise Burnell in Richer, Manitoba. They were having a huge party on their farm but invited us to join them for a great breakfast and lots of reminiscing. It was so nice to see them again.

Finally we visited Betty Wikdahl in Winnepeg, Manitoba. Betty was my tournament shuffleboard mixed partner for 5 years. Many Leisure Worlder’s may remember watching her and I play in the two Leisure World tournaments from 2011 to 2015. Betty was a terror on the courts and so much fun to have as a partner.

We also had Janet Doerkson on our visit list, however Janet was enjoying a vacation to Prince Edward Island.

Lorna and I did do shuffleboard over the summer here at a curling rink in Edmonton. They put 12 plastic courts down on the curling rink floor. They are much faster than our Leisure World courts so it took some adapting to get the speed down. We wish Laverne Soetebier and all of the Leisure World shufflers a great winter season.

It is so sad to hear of all of the units being pulled out of Leisure World due to the flood damage. We doubt that we will get to south Texas this winter, but are hoping we can spend part of the winter in Arizona.

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