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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Another shuffle season is well underway.  More shufflers are showing up as residents are coming into the park every day.  I want to thank all who helped with the Don Johnk Memorial tournament.  We were a little short handed but folks stepped up and did double duty to ensure a successful tournament.
Our tournament shufflers have done quite well this season.  We have four tournaments in the rear view mirror and four trophy winners.  Galen & Mary McCrary placed fourth in the main at the Don Johnk Memorial tournament and placed third in the main at the Alamo Palms tournament.  Clarence Thomas places fourth in consolation at the Casa De Valle singles tournament.  Galen and Clarence took second in the main at the Siesta Village doubles tournament.  Jack Fisher and Jean Gruver placed third in expert consolation at the Don Johnk Memorial tournament. 
We have had a few come to lessons on Thursday mornings to learn the basics of this fun game.  We encourage more of you to give it a try.  Thanks to Dan Foxhoven, Clarence Thomas, Galen and Mary McCrary and Carol Johnk for helping with lessons.   Friendly shuffle is held Monday and Wednesday at 9 AM.  We have hoss collar Saturday morning at 9:30.  On Fridays we have been going to Friendly Fridays with Siesta Village, Ranchero, Trails End, Country Sunshine and Southern Comfort.  The Friendly Fridays have been a lot of fun and gives us an opportunity to play others shufflers in a relaxed atmosphere. 

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